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zo Melchizedek- a type ofaril other, but onely fo.declared by the mouthof God : So Chrift fucceeded none, received his Priefihood from none, but anointed by the Spirit ofGod, Luke.4. i 8. and i made a Prieftby the berthofGod,Pfal. t r 0.4. The Lord froare and will not repent, thou art a Prie for ever after the order of Melchizedrl¿; 3. In regard ofthe conti- nuance of his Priefthood. For as hee receives it from none, fo hee pa cth it not to anyother,- nor any can fuc- ceed him ; but hee endureth ever, having an everlafiing Priefihood, Heb.7 .24. The Levitical) Priefihood ended particularly in thedeath of every high Prieff,and univer- tally and finally in the death of' our high Priefi: But Chrift is eternall, who died but rote agatne, figured in Melchizedek. Vfe. r. I. If Chrift bee the true Melchizedek, then mutt Chri{i greater he needs bee greater then Abraham, though the Jewes rheaA(vro'.-are. vainelygainefay it Toh.8.53. Tohim all our tythes and offerings, our facrifce of' praifes are due, as tythcsand offerings due from Abraham to .7frielchs.tedek. Hee is bleffed and Prince onely, theKing ofkings, and Lord of lords,unto him be honour,and powereverlafting, r .Tim, 6. r 5, t 6. So the foure and twenty Elders, Revel. r r. i 5, 17. And Angels, Beafis, Elders, and all creatures, Revel.5.11,12,13 . z. I 1. For the comfort of the Church, that Chrifi is Comfort by the true Melchizedek, both a Prieft and a King. 1. As Christ our . he is a Prier weeare aífiiredof a perfea reconciliation lktelch7Sedek. by his all-fitrficient Sacrifice. 2. Of found inftruftion, for the Prieli mutt teach the Law, his lips muli prefent knowledge. Iob, 4. z5. When the Merl-tali is come l:ee will tell us all things. Wee detefi the blafphemy there- fore that tellsus, that he bath left an imperfect do rive, that muff bee eekedwith traditions. 3. Of his bleffed interceffon,which is meritorious and acceptable. Samuel out of his love to the people, r. Sam. r 2.23. faith thus, God forbid that I /couldfine, andce4fe to pray foryou ; but