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Melchizedek a ope of Chrift 2,t .... _ but Iwill teach you the good way : Chrifls love to the Church is no leffe ; therefore he will both teach and pray. 4. Of powertùli protectionand lafcty. For he is not our Prieft onely but our King; not our Doctor one ly, but cur defendor ; not a Priefl onely to pray, but a King to obtaine Foy us, and bellow on us what he prayes for. What if he had never fo much power in teaching, if hewere impotent in defending ? But he hKing ofpeace icy himrelfeand untous, We bane apowerfulladuocate in heaven. They never tailed the fweetneffe of this doffiine, that feeke afterany other Mediator. 1 1 I . Hence is thehappineffe of the Church. As cMelchizedek bleffed Abraham: SoChrifl our t e l- chizedek path bleffed all the faithful' poflerityof - 6raham, Eph. r . 3. withallfpirituall bleflings in Chrifix Jelin. But with difference. UWelchizedek, onely pro- nounced blefirrg Gen, 14. 19. 61e1fed art thou of God poflie f for ofheaven and earth : But our Melchizedek meri- teth and befloweth bleffings of higher kind alfo then could Melchizedek; For,, i. Chrift bleffeth by meri- ting bleffìng,throughhismoft perfec4 facrifice pacifying his Fathers wrath : Melchizedek offered no fuck fa- crificeto no filch effea, his was accepted by mercy, not for merit, not for his owne facrifice,but for ChriRs. 2. By affilall procuring the bleffing of remiffìor. offinnes and righteoufneffereikored,amore effeaual bleffingthen cMelchidek could procure : His facrifices could onely lignifie thefe in the Meffiahs, not aaually apply them. 3. Bygathering, calling, rulingand preferving in fpi- rituali li a his wholeChurch, as members of his owne body, and by thedonation ofhis fpirit : none ofwhich bleffings Melchizedek, could give. 4. By beflowing eternall lifeon beleevers, here in the firfl fruits, heere- after in,the harvefl : whereofÁlelchizjdek,muff bea re- ceiver from him the fountaine, not a giver, 5. By publiflaing and pronouncing on beleevers all this blef- C 3 fing Magnorn indelis habernas fiaro- rrrsrn. Yfe 3. We are bleffed byour Melchi- vdcf .