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rinnimmwomm I Melchizedek a type ofChrig. a more excellent office in that he is Mediator of a better tofiament eßabliflied upon better promfes, Heb. 8. 6. For the promifès ofthe covenant of grace are more excellent then thofe of the Legal). covenant. 5. They offered often, and the repetitionof facrifi ces argued their inva- lidityand imperfeéiion : but heoffered but once, andnee- ded net do it daily. Heb.7. 27. which argued the perfefti- on, Heb.9.28. 6. They offered the blood ofbeafts whichcould not expiate firne, nor wafh the confcience ofthe (inner farther then purifying the f-le(h : but he (not withbloodofbulls and goats,bat)with his owne blood entred once into the holy place having obtained an eternall redemption, Heb. 9, z z. and this blood purgeth the confcïeneefromdeadwor r,verfe 14. 7. They fer- ved in an earthly fading Sanlltsary made with hands, andentred intoan holy place whichperiíhed and fayled, according to that elementary and temporary worfhip : but he is minifter ofthe true Sanctuary and Tabernacle which the Lordpitcht and not ma', Heb. 8. z, this taber- nacle is hisowne bleffed body in which he performed all his fervice,called, chap. 9. r r. agreat and moreperfetf Tabernacle not made with handi, and verf. 24. is now entrednot into holy placer made with hands, but into the very Heaven to appeare in the fight of God for us. 8. They all ceafed, dyed, one fircceeded another; as mutable was their wholefervice, which altoceafedand deceafed, andgave place to the truthof it when the ful- neífe of time came : but this true Melchizedek, being without beginning or end of' daies hath an eternall Priefhood, Heb. 7.24. and therefore neitherbath nor needeth any fucceffor inearth. Whence every repeti- tionofhis facrificce bloodily or unbloodily in the Maffe is anhighand hateful). blafphemy, a denya 1 of Chrifts Iperfon tobeabove the perfon of' Melchizedek, and of' his facrifice tobe aboveHerons, or that it was gifered by the eternall fpirit ofhis Deity. C4 V I. The