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22 rfe 4. By our Metchi- .cdek the Church abides fir ever. 1 Excellencyof Chrifts Psi.f1- hood above the Levitical'. Melchizedek type ofChrill. Ping in the preachingof the Gofpell , and Pealing it to the hearts of the elea by the daily efkèftuall voyceof hip fpirit by the word : which Melchizedekcould not doe. Therefore a greater then Melchizedek is here,and a greater bleffing then Abraham received from him. Let the world curie, wickedones rage and revileagainfl the Church and members, yet as /Mac faid of Jacob, Gen. 27. 33.1 have bleffed him, and thereforehe (hall be bleffed; the fame will Chris not fay onely, but accornplifh to them. I III. Hence is the flability and perpetuity ofthe Church and members. That Chrift is the true Melchize- dek that is, an eternal' Priefl ; the Churchmuff beeter- nail. For a Prieft cannot be without a Church, noran eternal' Friel}without an eternal' Church, but ofChrift it is faid, thou art a Prieft for ever. Therefore Tyrants (hall not waft it, time (hall not outlafi it, death (hall not hinder the being and happineffe of it, no more then it could the eternityofthe Prieft himfelfe, who role glo- riously from the dead,fo (hall themembers. Howhappy a thing is it to beofthishoulhold. V. The excellency of Chriis Priel}hood above the Levitical!. This is the ícope of the Apoflle in defcri- bing Melchizedehr Priefthood fo largely. For the Levi- ticall Priefls werehomagers to this, yea to the fhadow of it in Melchizedek while they were in Abrahams loynes. r. They were men onely of men : Chrift the Sonne of God,true God and man. 2. Theywere finful' men, and muff offerfirftfor themfelves, and then for others, Heb. s.3. But Chrift was fìnleffe, he needed not offer for his owne finnes, Heb. 7. 26. ?,7. 3. For their office, they werebut miuiflers ofholy things, and offalvation propounded in them : Chrift becaufe ofthis order was aaithor offalvation t4allthat obey him, Heb. S. 9.1 0. 4. Theywere many,and all miniflers ofa term porary covenant : but he is but one,who bath obtained a