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Ifaac 4 type of Chrift. conceivable manner ; fo as whenthe Angell told his mo- therMaryofhis miraculous manner ofbirth,flae thought it impef6le,and faid,How can this 6e? Luk t. 34. And in him onely the whole fpirituall feed of Abraham, all Gods people ofjewes and Gentles_were bleffed.Pf4.7z. 7. the Nations ¡hall blefe him , and be Meted inhim. Which Prophecy cannot be underfloodofSalonmon ; for fcarce his owne nation was bleffed in him, who by his [rune loft tenne tribes of twelve from his owne fonne: and verfe they fl, all feare him fo long ks the Bonneand Moone endure from onegeneration to another, verf, i r. dl Kingsfallwor/htp him and fervehim : and, verf. 17. his name [hall befor ever : all thefe are true in Chrift onely. Thus as Ifaac was founder of a mighty fiate : fo Chrift ofall the ChurchofGod inall nations onely bief_ fed inhim. As Ifaac was his fathers heire : So Chrift heireof all things, Ifaac bath goodsonely. II. Ira his fuff:ring, z. Ifaac was circumcifed the eighthday:fo was Chrift. Lok.2. 2. Ifaac in his infancy was perfecuted by IJhmacl, G41.4.29: So Chrift by Herod, Mat.:. ; . Ifaac carryed the wood of the burnt offering upon his fh2ulders even to mount Moriah, Gee. 2 z, 6: So Chrif`lt carryed the Croffe on which hewas to be nayled,even toGolgotha. 4. Ifaac was ledaway as a Lamb to the flaughter : So Chrift was led away, loh 19.16.to death. S. Ifaac without reply fubmittedhimfelfto his father even to the death;fuffered himfelfe to bebound on the wood, andyeelds himfelfea burnt offering unto theLord : Even foChrift without reply was obedient untohis father unto thedeath , and was content tobebound, not as Ifaac for himfelfe alone, but for usand them ; and laid downe his life a whole bunt offering, and a ranfome formany, 14.2 6. z 8. Thus were both Lamb-like fuff'erers, bothbeare their Croffe, both without reply led away, both bound and faftened on thewood, bothwillingly obedient to the death. I II: In 25 2.