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z6 Ifaac a type of Chri. ; . Et lfaaecbripta e,at,ejraries Ch.rzftus erat. Iraac fibi ligna portabat:Chriflus crucem propria.4 baitelabai. Pro Ifaac wies, &c. Aug. Aa.z. &4. Cerva matutie4. Obmelis mag- nitudinem. Obpeccatorum mote?". I I I. Inhis offering, r . Both formes, onely fons,in- nocent,belovedoftheir fathers:Abraham did al at Gods Comrnaudement, and lifted up his hand : So Chrift by the determinate cornfell ofGodwas delivered by wick- edhands. Abraham offers his Sonne freely : Godmore freely offers his forme out ofhis bofome.. 2. Abra- ham by Gods conamiffion rifeth early in the morning to facrifice his forme ; and If<tzc rifeth as early to obey his Father : So thejewesby Godspermiflion breake their fleepe, and early in the morning proceed to the condem- ning ofChrift, who is called theHinde of the morning. PAZ2.1. compafed withdogges that hunted his life; and Chrift, asanother Ifaac, after his paillon roleearly in the morning to fulfill the worke of his Father. 3. Neither of them muft be offered every where or any where but both in a mountaine, and fuch a moun- taine as mull typifie Chritts humane nature. Mount Moriah muft beare theTemple built by Salomon, a type. ofChrifls body,Iób.z. i 9.Mount Calvarymull beare the body it felfe; and the fe two hills, ifthey benot one and the fame (as 4ugtsffine thinkes, and it is not unprobable but that Golgothawas the skirt ofMoriah) yet could they not befarrediflant, the onebeingwithin the gate oftheCity, and the other not farre without, theneareft to theCityofall. 4. The Father layes firft thewood upon both , and then both upon thewood, both muff feelethe weight ofthe wood, no fsnall wood to burne a man, a whole burntofferingas Ifaac : but the wood which Chrift bore was farre heavier. i. For the greatneffe of the burthen. z. For the burthenfome neffe ofour finnes,Ifiry S 3.4.he bare411our difeafes. And then both by Gods appoyntment were bound on the wood, fattened hand and foot, not that eitherwas un- willing, but toretaine themanner appointed for facri- fice. S. Ifaacmuft be offeredalone, thefervants muff flay at the foot of thehill a farre off, little knowing the bufinefle