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I faatr a type othrifl. bufrneffe and forrow in hand : So Chrift muft tread the Wineprefealone,Ifa.63.3. the Difciples feareand fly,and little confider the agony of their Mailer. 6. The Father carryes in his hand the fword and fire againft his ownefonneithefwerd fignifying the jutlice ofGod, the fire his burningwrath againft the finnes of risen : Both bent againft Chrift, both inflamed by this Ifaac ; in whom the juflice ofGod is fatisfied,and the flame ofhis wrath extinct and quenched. I V. Ia his (cape anddeliverance. i. The blow is a fetching but Abraham mrrft hold his had, Ifaacs flefh muff not bepiercedor cut : The fouldiers ready to breake the legges ofChrift (as ofthe two theeves)rruft flay their hands ; not a bone of him mua be broken. z. Ifaac offred,and three dayes dead in his fathers pur- poleand miede, yet dyednor, but his Father received him as from the dead : fo Chria offereduponhis Divini- ty dyed not, and his humanity dead in the bellyof the earth, after three el ayes herevived,and rayfed himfeife againe to dieno more. So both were delivered from death the third day : wherein the Apoftle plainely makes him a type, Heb. r r .19. from whence he received bim .es in a type or refemblance, that is, to be a type or refemblance ofChrifts refurrec`tion from death. 3. The Ramme that was offered for Iflac was caught by the headamong the thornes, andhanged in a bufh : Chrift our facrifice was hanged on a tree,crowned with themes, and fohung on the Croffe to expiateour fiunes compared to thorns and bryers, which would for ever have.held us,iftheyhadnot heldhim. V. In his mariage. 7. Rebekah was faire and beautiful) : fo the Church is faire in thebeauty ofChrift, and faire within, 2. Shee was of his owne kinred and flefh,Gen.24.4 :10 Chrias fpoufe is ofthe fame flefh which himfelfe affirmed. 3. She was wooed byhis fathers fervants,and brought forwards toward Ifaae : fo the 27 ó84n aÚTévxsn vicTQ. 5 Similitudeof Rebellabsmar- riage,and the Churches.