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i M.Ofes a type ofChrift. tens our aftlilions by thewood ofhis Cro(fe,Heb.2. i o. s, Mofes was called a God ; efarons God for direft- inghim in things ofGod,Exod.4. i 6.andPharaohsGod, Exod, 7. i . for executing onhim, as God, Gods judge- ments i But Chrift is indeedGod,moft wile in counfell, molt potent in revenge. 6. clofes delivered Ifrael thorow the Red-lea by his Rod, F_xod.I4 : SoChrift his Church from deathby his Croffe through the red-lea of his blood. 7. Never was God fo clearly feene by the eye of' flefh as to Mofes, who talked face to face : But never did creature fee his face but Chrift, Ioh.I a 8. 8. As Mofes was transfigured on anhill, Sinai, and fo glorious as :frael could not behold his face : So was Chrift on mount Thabor fo as his difciples were ama- zed, andwilt not what they laid. 9. As Chrift after death rofe moft glorioufly : So Mofes body after his death was molt glorioufly railed, in whichbee was talk- ing with Chrift~ on the Mount in his transfiguration, Math. 17. z. I o. cM'Iofes face was covered with a vaile : Our Mofeswith the vaile ofhis flefh hid the glo- ryofhis Deity , and put on vileneffe infleadof majefty that men might behold him, and fee, and hearehim, and beleeve. I. The doarineof religion which wee teach is of God. For, I. Wee teach no other thenwhat Mofes taught, nor noother thenwhat Jefus Chrift taught, the one being faithful' as a fervant, the other as the fonne in the houfe.- For as there were not two Churches ofthe old and new Teftament : So is there but one faith, one doctrine in fubftance, onely differing inmanner of deli- very. 2. This do3rinewas perfeetly, fully,and faith- fully delivered to the Church, teeing both were fo faith- full. if there be a doctrine of traditions unwritten ; if a doarine of merits, of purgatory, of intercefíion of Saints, then was Chrift unfaithfull and did not reveale the whole will of his Father. Paul .a fervant revealed the 45 vfe.a, OurdoEb ine is of God,