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q.6 Mofes a type of Chrifi. Ife. 2. Bee faithfull indoing thy office. Yle. 3. $hew faith in the fruit ofit. the whole will ofGod,4as 2o.27. Was theSonneleffe faithfull ? 3. This doctrine is fully and fufhciently confirmed by many and mightymiracles both in Mofes the fervant, and in Chrifi the Sonne, and beingno new dot`'trine, it needs no newmiracles. It is too idle to call For other miracles, when they cannot proove that wee bringanyother do6trine. Ifwee fhouldbring in Strange and lyingdoetriaes never knowen to À-lofes or Chrift, as they doe, wee would caft about for lying wonders, and pretend fabulous miracles to prove them as they doe. I I. Whatloever office or function God fets thee in , bee faithfull ; fo was c.Xofes the fervant ; fo was Chrift the Sonne. Haft thou an highplace in Gods houle as Mofes ? be faithfull, fee i .Tim .1.12. Art thou but a doore-keeper in Gods houle ? bee faithfull, in faithfull performing ofwhatloever God reveales to bee his will. Haft thou received any talent ? lay it out to thy Lords advantage, elle can't thou not beefaithfull. Let thy care and Rudybe to bee found not onely faultleffe, but faith- full in all things according to thy Christian profefhon; that faithfulneffemay bee thy praife andcrowne in Ma- giltracy, Miniftery, privatelife, in thewholeprat ifeof religion; and alto thy comfort living and dying,, when the Lord (hall witneffe unto thee as to Mofes in his life, time, 1ltssmb. 12.7,8. and dead, Deat .34.5,r o. Mofes the fervant of' the Lord died, and there arofe no filch Prophet. I I I. Labour to expreffe the fruit of faith, Heb.r i . z6. to preferre the )(lateofGodspeople above all earth- ly profits andprerogatives; account the defpifed con- dition of the Saints above the admired happineffe of wicked men. Mofes would joyne hirnfelfe to them when bee might have beene in theheight of honour : Chrift wouldnot be inheavenwithout them, but endu- red more affliction, thenMofes could, to enjoy them. Hence obferve foure forts of people that are not of Chrils