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48 11 Ioíliva a type ofChrifi, Infhrat a type of Chrift s. wzyes. I. saviours. z; a1IinL. Miracles, CHAP. VIII. 7. Io sxvA: LA typeofour true Ioíhua, another Mofes. I. OthSaviours. For Ioftsa under the very fame name is propounded a type of Chrift. Both had the name Jefus, both faved their people ( therefore IM/ho,/ is called lefties, Heb.4. 8. ) the type from tempo- ral ;an.d external; enemies, the truth from fpirituall and eternal;. II. In his calling. I. Both succeeded Mofes, who makes way toboth. 2. Bothguides goingbe- ` fore Godspeople. The type to the earthlyCanaan : the truth to the heavenly. 3. Both Ied them into the land. loj ua led thepeople not onely toward the land, but in- to the promifed land. What was denied toMares, was granted to Iofhua. Mofes might not enter, nor thole that had difobeyed ; but to./hasaentreth, and takethpof. feffonfor hirnfelfe, and for all the people : So our /a- Armhath taken poffeffion, and led us into the poffeirion ofour heavenly Canaan. What Mofes Law could not doe for our infirmity, Chrift byhis Gofpel hath done for us. That may {knew us theway : but this brings us to the wayes end, and gives usall our prom ifed expeaa. tion. Thus our Ioflua carries us through from this wilderneffe to our reft. 4. Both divided the land, andallotted to every manhis portion. Iofhara having entred Canaan, afïignes every one his portion, Iofh.14.1. Chris afcended into heaven, preparesfor everybeleever a place, Job. 14. z. X I I. Both confirmed their callingwithmany mi- racles. 1, Iowa being to pafie over Iordan divides the