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Mofes a type of Chr?ft. Chrifis nor of Mofes minde. r. Politicians, who take the honourand profit ofthe Gofpel, but will none of the afflitlions of Chrifi. z. Proud perlons, who will not looke f© low as on affliaed Chrifffans. 3. Temporizerg,that looke a (quint on them'ifany fuf- fer for well- doing. 4. Scorners, that defpife the fo- ciety and exercifes oFGod s people as too bale company and courfes for them. Let all filch know, z. That Chrift in heaven fcornes them not, nor withdraws him- felle from them,yea heavenwould not pleafehimwith- out them. z. That the felkwfhip of a Kings Court, fuch as Pharaohs, in riot, feafting, drinking, gaming, is hatefull to a found minde in comparifonofthe fociety of the miferable and perfecuted Saints, though a flefhly eye cannot fee it. 3. That it will be nogreat comfort to beleeve the Communion ofSaints and not enjoy it. 4. That they which defpife it here hhall never enjoy it in heaven. 4. in the type and truth weehave a foreargument ofour refurreMon. Mofes deadbody, hid in thevalley of Moab, none knewwhere, appeared glorious on the hill Thabor,in Chriffs transfiguration: Chriftsbody hid in the grave comes forth glorious, and afcends glorious on mount Olivet. Both reach that our b&dies are not loft but laid up, and as lure as laiddowne inbafeneffe, flail rife inglory. C11AP. 47 .....C.PRIO 3'fe. 4. Afìùrance of our refurre- dion. .69.1agco,