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5o Iofhua a type ofChrifi. Modesnonpug natcura A,,,,a- lecitiafed tefhu¢, Exod.17.xo. jig. pod non lex nos ab ' oflihtra libaaret, red Iefise chrifltu. y; AM ons.. id' Chap. I o. 24. nay made his men ofwarre let their feote on their necks, and trample them as dung, and went on, and in (mall time had flaine one and thirtyKings with their Armies, Chap. 1 2.10. Never had Ifrael fo many enemies in their paflage toCanaan, as Gods people have unto that heavenly Canaan their countrey and refit, typi- fied by that. Even all thegates ofhell, the rage ofSaran, thepower offïnne, the allurements of the world, whole armies of temptations, a troupe of pleafüres, honours, profits on one hand a whole band of crofles and dif- ura ements on theother, a legion of' lufis within our g felves. But our Iofhua themighty Captaine not onely of the. Lords hoíts , but who is the Lordof has, is de- fcribed to fit on a white hone , whofe name is called Faithfull and true; and hee judgeth and fighteth righte. oufly,Reve!.19.1 r . Hee bathvaliantly triumphed over all enemies, fpoyled principalities and powers , let his foot on their necks, trodon Satanunder his feet , and made us tread him under our feet tco. If Iofhoa have flame one and thirty Kings ; Our Iof asa bath flaiue fo many thoufand commanders. 2. By meanesof Ie- fhuas faithfulneffe and fortitude not one word failedof all the good thingswhich theLordhad faid unto I,rael, ' but all came to paffe, Chap. 2 I . q 5. and 23. 14. So by meanes of our IoAtsa, all the promisesof God concer- ning heaven and happinefle are accomplithed, which are all in him Yea and Amen. Heaven and earth may faile, but not one jote of Godspromiiè but this Iofhoa will fee it accomplithed. V. In fundry anions. I. IoArsa faved Rahabs houfe that had the red cord hung out at the window, becaufe they had faved the' Spies, Chap. 6 : So Chrift faves every penitent firmer that expreffeth faith in his blood, and love to the true Ifrael ofGod, efpecially his Miniftcra and Seers. 2. Hee graciouíly accepted the Gibesrrites, when theyhumbly feted and intreated peace of