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Iofhua d type ofChrif . ofhim : sò a broken and a contrite heart our true lo- fhua never defpifed. Hee that offers repentant tanners grace before they fecke it, when they feeke it will not deny it. 3. When God by loAriahadwrought that great miracle of floppingup the river Jordan, tillthey paffed over, Chap. 4. 2, lofbasa commmanded twelve menof Ifrael to gather twelve {tones out of lordan, and fet themup rnemorialls of Gods great as to all potted- tie : So our lofboa having wrought many mightymira- cles for theconfirmation of his holy doctrine, comman- ded twelvemenhis twelve difciples by the preaching of theGofpel, to Brea through all the world, a monument and memory of the wondrous workes of the Sonne o God in the workingout of' mansfalvation, and leading them to the heavenly Canaan, Ï. What a fearefulì thing it is tobee an enemy o God and his Church. Never was lofhua fo mightya- gaine the enemiesof Ifrael(not one of whom, werehe never fo flrong, could ftand before him) as our Iofhsta i to roote outat onceall his enemies. Art thouan ene- mie to jefus, an hindrer of any of his people in their way to Canaan ? looke to thy felfe. Suppofe thou halo power above lo/htia the type, art thou flronger then the true Iofhrsa ? Hee carries viáory in his banner. lidiaan Thall cry with his guts in his armes : OGalilean thou haft the victory. The proudeft enemy íhalt be as lambs grease before a confuming fire. Our great lofbaua (hall fet his feet upon thy necke, and make thee theduffofhis footfloole; nay bee fh,all fet the feet of his defpifed fer- vants upon thy necke as Iofhna did. The power ofone and thirtyKings fhall not carry it again(l him. Ifthou art an enemy, haflen thy repentance ,..elfe thou hafte nett thy deflru6tion. if' thou worke not the will of God, God will worke his will on thee. And what need!any man bee offended at the prefent profperityof Godsenemies be they never fo :great,.feeing. our lóffrei E 2 (hall f f s Tfe r. A fearefull thing tobean enemy ofthe Church. Yicfii Gtlilae. bZui non faciunt pet Voluntatem, de lis fit Deivo- lunt.