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Rom.x 0.4. Cant. M. 9. *TbeEpifite Law, Chrift is the endof theLev for rieghte- oufileffi to every one that beleeveth. Firfr, by fimilitude, faith Áuftin:when a man is come to the end ofa way, he can go no farther : fo when a Chrif{ian is come to Chrift, he hath no farther excellencie to Peek or go unto: inChrift there is enough andenough to reconcile him to God, and bringhim to heaven. Secondly, forperfe5lion,laith Cyril: when a thing is finifhed, it is Paid to come to an end,as namely in weavinga garment: foChrift hath fnifhied, perfected, and ful- filled the Law : he came not to deffroy, but effablifh it: fo that in him we have a perfe 1t righteoufnes to prefent Godwith- all,even as the Law required,Gal. z.16. ar. Thirdly, he is finis intentionis: the Law bids us look to Chrift, in whom only we can live: both the Moran Law, in the holy precepts of it, inapofsible in this our weak- nefe, therefore have recourfe to Chrift, Zotn. 8.3, 4. together with thecurfes and threats ofit, whereby it is a,fharpe SMhoole- matter,leading to Ohrif,Gal ,3.24. Asalto the Ceremonial) Law, all wholeihadawes figure out Via..01P111.