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Dedicatorie, out Chrifl and his benefits, Heb.to.t. Nov is Chrifl come (faithTertullian) who is the end ofthe Law, opening all the dark matters ofit, anciently covered under the mills of Types and Sacraments : An excellent mailer, an heavenly teacher, afetler oftruth to theuttermoll. ,/lujiin calls Moles his ceremonies, prenunciative or foretelling Ob, fervations : and faith, We are not now conflrained to obferve things ufed in the Droplets time,Non quia ills damnata,fedquia in melitts mutataJunt; notfor any evill in them, but becau/e theyare changedfor the better. What they foretold, and how they are changed for the better, this Treati,fe in part difcovereth,and I purpofe not now todif courfe. Thele glorious times ofthe Gofpel fliew evidently, how much the truth ex- celieth the fhadow : the vertue common to the ancient beleevers, as well as unto us: Chrifi Iefusyflerday, and to day, and thefame or ever: but as the manifef$ation is more cleare, fo the grace is more plentifull and comfortable. The fame Tef+ator made bothTef}aments, and thefediffer not real- ly, but accidentally ; the Old infoldirzg the Az New `Do cibis Iud. cQp,5. Cont. Fßr,f : Advert. bid. Heb.r3. S.