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Cant,4.L. S Comfort to the Church,in3. things. I.Cor.iS.21. Mat.z$.zo. David a type of chrfl. I. more wary. 2.. delire our reif. 3.love that prom:lé, Come with,rne fromLebanon, &c. V. Comfort the Church. That jefiis Chrift is the true David. t. Wee havea ftroi g deliverer and de- liverance. `.David pulled the fheepe out of the Lyons mouth, and the Lamb out of the paw of the Beare, z .Sam. i7. Chrift the true Davidbath delivered his che- fen flock out ofthepower ofSatan, death, and damna- tion. 3. Be contented to be rejehedofall forts of men:not enemies onely butofbrethren. So was David, foChrift, and the fervatjt is not better then the Mailer. It was ever the lot oftruth to bee rejeeted of the buil- ders,as was David,as was Chrift: few nobles,few wife : nay many great Rabbics (profeffing thekey of know- ledge) weregreatel} enemies to the truth,as the truth is in Chrift,that is, to the fincere profeffion and pra5tife of Chriflianity. Nay thebafefl fort made monthes and fcor- ned them both : And are there not now fuch as would feorne out the truth of grace were it poffible ? 3. Though Chrift the chiefe. corner (tone may be refu- fed,he cannot be removed. Davidmailbe King againlf all thehearts of' his enemies. So Chrift fhall keepe his placeand headfhip again(t the gates ofhell : he is a King everlahiing inhis Church,andofhis Kingdome dal be no end.He is aKingeuer prefent i his Church, and needs no Vicar, nor hath put it off tohis pretended Vicar, who claimes tobe King ofPriefls and Princes. He is aKing prefent inhis Church, not as Baal among his worfhip- pers either afleepe, or inhis journey, or otherwife taken up, but ever intent for the fafety of the Church, watch- ingever to overturne the open power and private poi- hey plotted andplanted againfi hi-s kingdome. Let us with faith and hopeever lift our eyes up to his ban- ner, and ftanddole to our viaorious Captaine. For asSouldiers lofing the fight of their Enfigne are in ex- treame hazardofconfufìon:fowe,ifwe fuller Chrift to flippe