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Salomona type ofGhri /f. 7.7 supeogn> flippe out of our eyes andhearts, hazard the Joffe of our faivation. CHAP. XI. IO. Salomon e type of Cbr : in 6. tbixgs. 1 I. yNperfon and condition. Both Salomon; 'both Iedidiahs, that is, belovedofCod; both Kings ofIfrael, bothKings in Jerufalem, both Preachers in Je- rufalem, both fonnes ofDavid, yea both formes ofGod. Tobothagrees that, 2 . Sam. 7.14. Iwillbehisf#ther, axd hejhdlhemyfen: But with this différence, Salomonwas the fonneofGod by adoption and grace:the true Salo,. menbynatureand eternali generation. II. Salomon was a peace-maker,ful ofpeace. r .Chro. z 2.9.Afonne isborne to thee which, all be a man ofpeace, and 1 willgive him reftfrom h.is enemies;thereforehis same is Salomon, and Iwillfendpeaceand quietneffeon Ifraeiìv his dales. Anotable typecfour Salomon, who himîelfe is the Prince ofpeace,whoicScepter is a Cofpellofpeace, whole fubjeets are f'wnes of peace, whofe kingdome Hands in righteoufireffe,joy,peace,&c: at whefebirth the Angelis fang,Peace on earth.But withdifference,Sado nosy could preferve onely outward peace : but Chrifl makes up our peacewith-God and all Creatures, and brings fweet peaceandupholds it in our confciences. z Kings 4.2 S. Salomonprocured that in his daycs all Ifraeland Judah dwelt withoutfeare, every mansender his Vine and fgtree, in refpeet ofoutward tranquility and fecurity : but our Salomon, that every beleever is redeemed from enemies to ferveGod without feare offinne, Satan, hell, damnation. ,S'alamon'brought peace but couldnot effa- bliifi it in his ownedayes,mach Mee after him; for pre- fently Six things wherein Salo- mon typified Chrift. a. Perlon. z; Pacïfiraes. ICY9,6. Luke I.74.-