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EpifEleofS. PashaTitus. CHAP. magifirateandMinitler, are ofa diuerfe nature : for although both of I 79 them haue their power fromGod, andone generali (cope , which is the good ofmen ; yet in them it is farre different. r. In their obiebi`. The nitfereneeor one bath power oucrall men,andall the things ofmen. The other hath obi geswo is q. power ouer all men,but onely in the thingsofGod. The one bindech theoutward man, his body,goods,life,conuerfatioq: the other the in- Theminifìer wardman, his foule, confcience, and fpirit , ofwhich Godonely is the toterinrfleriat Lord:the one ordereth caufes Ecclefia(licall according to the word, the ochreaid pow. other onelymay execute them. 2. In their manner of commaunding. cr. The ciuill power may command obedience ro it felfe in it owne natne,as bluing vnder God,thepower inhimfelfe:buc the ecclefiafticall or mini- aerial!power, is not in the perfonofthe Minder, but in Chrifi; neither can he command obedience to himfelfe,but vnto Chrif,norcome in his own name,but in ChriPs:as being(not his Leiftenant as the Magifrate, nor his vicar,foras he is Mediator he bath not any,but) his Minifter on_ ly. z. the ciuill power may abfolutely compel! the outward man,but the minifieriall can onely perfwade andexhort. 3. In their meanerof en- forcing. 3' The ciuill bath the vfe ofthe(word, to arreR, imprifon, make warre, execute the fentenceofdeath vpon malefactlors ; the miniReriall can only either by admonition cure,or excbmunicationcati` out the ob- Rinateoffenders,and elleemc them as Publicansand heathens. The wea- pons ofthis warfare arefpirstuall, as do&rine , exhortation , admonition, ' Ot'04 reproofe, good life, &c. This latter then while Titus exercifed , he en- croached nor vpon theciuill MagiRrates power , nor weakened, but firengthned it.Chrilï himfelfe although the rightful King of the :ewes, would not fomuch as decide an inheritance ; but fubie6ted himfelfe to all L"kas.4. tributes, and hard fcntences; and yet ail his life and death was nothing elfe, but theeflablifhing ofhis owne fcepter: one ofthere powers is the ornament, and muniment of the other : and therefore let none commit Mofes and Aaron together,but etleeme it as a fweet vnion when Dauid and God confult together; Iehoiadah and loa(h ; and when IoRah flan- deth with Huidas the Prophetefre : and for a man to oppofe the ordi- nances ofChrifc, with this humane ordinance , is to fec the body and foule together by the carts. Not therefore the faithful! Minitiers of Chrií, but fuch as Rand with thebeat+ and his ordinances,and with the Antichril ofRome, are enemies vnto Magi1racie,and weakeners ofthe power ofPrinces, while they teach, that all EcclefiaRicall perlons are to be exempted fromthe ciuill power; while they binde their hands, in freeing their fubie6s fromall obedience, euen in cìuill commaunds;and while they highly difhonour them, in giuing the Pope a power ouer thetn,ro let themvp,ánd depole them at his pleafure : and that in their owne