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CaAr.i.S. .r4Commentarrevon the 82 they belong to the Cacholike Church) make not aparticular vifible Church, till they ioyne in Tome publike fcruice, andworfhipofGod,ac- 2 cording to the lawer,and orders appointed by himfelfe. 2. Befides this Tá rAxtzzJsra inward ineptitude and refiliance, neuer had any building ( except Ba- bels towers, which had Gods owne hand from heauen againa them) fuchoutward oppofires againfl it, as this bath ; here is Satan, and all the gates ofhell: here is Sanballlat, andTobiab, Simon Magus,andeArmaziab: here are falle Chrifls, falfe Apof}les, Heretikes, Tyrants, all flanding a- gaina Chri(l,and makingwareagaina hisbodie. Inall which regards, s.cbr.a.17. ifSalomon in the dayes ofpeacewithout all oppofition, having an hun. dreth, and three and fifcie thoufand and fixehundred workemen,cannot vnder feauenyeares finial the material' Temple: howhardly (thinkwe) mull this fpirituall houle, (landing ofliuing acmes, goe vp? how (lowly is it reared, hauing more enemies (and thole no weake ones) then Salo- mon hadworkmen; euen as many as there be natural' men in the earth, vnmo:tified lulls in men, or deuils in hcll;all of them with all their pow- er, refilling, theproceedings ofthe Church and Gofpel. Yfe. t. This do&rinelets vs fee, what great things God bath done for fuch a people, as among whom hebath plantedhis ordinances : many wrong holdsand orpofitions he bath brought down,many enemies hath he fubdued, manyengingsofSatan and his infiruments hath he broken, before he could fettlehis glory, and caule it to dwell amonghis people. For as it was at the fira breaking out ofthis light to the world byChrils ownepreaching, neuer was the world on fuch a fire, neuer was any age fo fruitful' in tyrannie, andherdic ; fobath is been proportionally euer lince, in the fetterall parts ofthe world, where this grace bath appeared. Wimeffe in thefeparts of Europe the flirres,and tumults in all the coun- tries againa the light rellored by Luther:,titnes alto the fires,andflames confuming the bodies of Gods feruants in our own countrie, in & fince the daics of KingHentie the 8. of worthymemorie: that had it not been the truth of God, it could neuer haue come to this where we fee it: for which mercie all the land fhould be mooned to much rhankfulnes. Oft. 2. Let every man hence be m000ued to helpe forward and lend a hand to thebeautifying andperfe&ing of this fpoufe of Chri(l; that as it were by manyhands, this dtificult worke maybecome the lighter. A- mong the Iewes,euerymanbroughtfomewhat to the Tabernacle, & fo it was reared, force more, tome leae, but eueryman fomething : fo lec the Magilirate bring his authoritie, and countenance : theMiniaer pure doëìrine and holy life to the building ofthe Church:the rich their riches to thehonour ofGod; the poore good affe&tions,andall heartyprayers, that we mayonce feeSion inher perfe5t beautie. Thus evenvery meane Agreat work,: bath God done for that people among whome he bath felled his ordinanscs. Eutry man fet his hand to this workc to helpe it forward, men