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EpiflleofS. Paulis Titus'. CHAP. I. 5, men (hall be honoured fo highly, as they (hall become aJflants to the I 83 Ruler ofthewhole earth ; as foam fo vnderfìand the place of lehofhuah and zach-y.i+. Zerubbabe1. i care with I fè. 3. A ground of moderation , tobeare fo farce as good confci- meeknesfoae ence, and a Mans calling will permit,the imperfe&ions of any Church:& warsWhich in else wants of it ,carric our f,elnes as peaceably asmay make to the ho- nour ` Y canR°ot hel e eftheGodofpeace;andthemanifetîationofour(clues theCannes "flints of peace, as well knowing, s. that it is not tobe expe&ed of anyChurch militant upon earth to be vnblemifhed, which is a prerogative ofChrills glorious bodie inbeauen : a. bypeace fmall things thriue , and aril to 2 their greatneffe:euen foloaking flaxe cheri(hed , groweth to a flame : 3. 3 that contention anddiuifion hindreth & ouerturneth thole good things which hauegone forward but flowly,when they went fafleft. Yet fo, as according to the extent ofour callings,we aime and labour for the pute and perfe&efl:ate ofthe Church.For it was a wicked (peach condemned by the Prophet,to fay,It unstyet time to bxildVP thehoufe oftheLord: and tiag.r.x. therefore content our (clues to dwell in felled houfes, and fleep in found skin,although theLords houle lie waf?.And hereupon,rhac the Church afore: time bath a long timebeene wanting in many things tending to the perfe&ion ofit; to ground a perpetual) imperfe&ion,is a peice of Satans fophiflrie: and argued) the want of that molt dutiful] affcdlion of chil- dren toward loch a mother, pleading rather for her blackncs thenbeau- ty,and not reioycing to fee this fpoufe bedecked with all her ornaments. The fecond point in this firfi dune of 7ittu, is gathered out of the word rranflated to redreffe ; but properly figuifieth a continual) and in Rantf$raightning ofthings which grow crooked in the Church. Whence Dnt9te ti we learne, that there is a continual) bending, and inclining of good or- their bat ecodsbeaor- dinances in the Church, cum in their belt cline. After that fin got once d;ntn«son ftate into Paradife,and tooke thehold ofour firti parents innocent hearts,not are continually the bell ordinances that euer the Lord inflittucd ,could fo fence them_ bending, feines, as tokeep it from them : how Toone after had all flea) corrupted their wales? how were his ]awes ingrauen in the tables of miens hearts fo forgotren,as hemilt be forced to write theta in tables of Bone? after that, howwas chatlawwritten by his owne fingers,generally corrupted and violated? as appearethbyChrifis reformation ofthem:how his own politic was violenced of Prieti and people, all the Prophets as withone voice&mouth compiaine:howall the ordinances of the new Teflement were bone uerturned,andby degrees cleave (haken out ofthe Church by the riling and growth of Antichri, whoeuen in the Apofiles deyes began towork,as appeareth in the hiftory ofthe Church,Hereuntoadde the readines ofthemalicious man tofore tares;the vnw ill ingoeffe of the nt,n1,c3,a5, Fz fe0i