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Ep:fileofS. P4/dtoTitw. on, bur as Paul had commanded and appointedhim : the tenour of his commiffton reachetb no further. Whence we may learne,that DoEtr. The ordeting andgouerning ofthe Church , is not left arbi traue, nonot to an Euaiigeli(1, but Apofo1icaI1 dire5hontnul goe be- fore and guide him. The Church is thehoule ofGod, and muff not be ruled bymany inuertions,but by the dire6tió ofthe great houfekeeper: and feeìng the father hath committed all the gouernement ofit to his Sonne, who hath purchafed it with his blood; the chargeand burden of it now lieth vpon his shoulders, andhis prerogatiue it is toglue lawes andorders, andby his voice to rule the houle of Iacob. The wholeTa- bernacle to theverypinnes,muft be framed according to the patterne; and yet that wasa mooueable In comparifonof our mot+ (fable admini- Oration, which Thal continue to the ende ofthe world: and, the Lord in defcribing the parts thereoffeucraily , Gill remitteth them to the com- mandement,to thepatterne,and forme (hewed in the mount: See Exod. 25.9. 26. &cap.27.8. &c. twife repeated in fomany words, Aóì.7.44. Heb.8.5. As they therefore in theold Tefianlent had their pillar of fire and cloud,at the going and landing of which theymuff goe and tiand in all their iournies; fo haue we in the new likewife a watch of the Lord to k,çep,namely,the will of God expreffed in his word,which mufl be the beginning ofeuerymotion and rea in theChurch. fife. Let the bold Papils come and fay one byone,I haue a vifion,or I hauea dreame, I haue found out this or that tradition concerning prai- ers for the dead,fals,or feals,(confìrmedby force diabolical delufiós:) let thempretend their rules ofperfeetion,landing in theobleruationof Euangelicall counfels,fuch as concernechalitie,voiuntarypouercy, &c. let themobtrude to vs the Church,the Church, and theChurchmuff be heard ;and hereby thrul vpon vs, what !awes they li! , for the holding andkeepingof life in that beat of Rome:We fay to all thefe things,thac ifanyof them¡land by Apololicall authoritie , we will receiue all fuels traditions; but if they be vnder Apofiolicall power, who are they ?or' what haue we to deale with them,or they with vs ? Peeing that neither an Euangelil may cake vpon him,nor we take from him any impoftiós vnder Apoffolicall authoritie. Obicfi.' They alleadge Luk.io. Hee that defpifeth you, defp:feth mee. e4nf. So long as they fpeake according to their commillion, which is, teach them to kfepe all that I haue commaun- dedyou, Matth.28.28. Obiefi. Mirth. 18. Tell the Church, if he re- fufe to heare theChurch, let himbe to theeas art heathen. e/Infiv, But the Church mull be in her Ecclefialiicall iurifdi6tion tied to forte cer- taine rule, which is defcribed in the word. Ob. But Paul and Timo- chie deliueredTome decrees ordained by the Apolles and Elders to be kept,: C'iHAP.I.S. 89 The orderingof the Church is not leftfree,no not to an Euan- gclift. No traditions or in, polleons under Apoltoli- call au hontie warrantable.