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CHAP. r. S. cdCommentarievpoit the po I kept, Avtt.r 6. q. Alf. r.Theymull knowe their power fubic&ted and infcriour to this Apoliolicall. 2. even the Apoales th<mfclues gaue no decrees, but fuch as were comprehended in the written word: as in A& 15, 29. Itfeensethgood to the holy Ghofl andvs, to lay no other burthen,6ut onthefeneceffsrie things : wherein betides that in ordering theChurch we fee they had fuchan immediateaillfüce ofthe holyGholt,that they could not erre: foalfo the things decreed wereaccording to thewritten word : As the thingsoffered to Idols,andfornication were condemned in the morall law:theeating ofblood forbidden toNoal:, before Motes; and in the law: partly, becaufe there was fome fymbol in it of the blood ofChrifl, by which the Conic is purged: and partly,toauoide the note of inhumanitieand crueltie.And things iirangled were before the Apofiles timesprohibited for the former reafon, leaf/ blood not let out fhould be eaten. Which two latter,although their nature were changed and free in ' themfelues after Chrifi : yet the Apotlie in the time of gathering the Church of :lie Imes and Gentiles, becaufe he would haue nobones of diffention cali betweene them,and auoide the fcandall;for a time requi- Í red them, and forbore toabrogate them : but would haue themfor the time retained without all opinionofworship, necefiìtie , and much leffe ofmerit: by all which bonds the Papifts would fallen vpon vs all their humane ir.ucntions : fo that all their allegations are too weake to re- rnooue vs from this bold , fo immoveably grounded vpon the Scrip- tures. erf. 6. Ifanybe vnreprootseable,the husband ofone wife, ballingfaith f full children, whichare notflandcredofriot ,netther difoledient, In thefe words theApollle entrcth that particular dire ion, howTi- tus fhould behaue himfelfe in thehoule of God; both in the placing of , Elders, and redrefüng abufes in all forts ofperfon.s, For the former, be- ! coule it is the triableeither beauty or blemifhofany Church,eirher to be graced, or dilhonoured with gracious,or gracelesMinifiers; they bee- ing as captainsor leaders to the peoplein whatfoeuer wales themfelues take vp ; therefore that Titles fhould not lay rails hands vpon any, but after triall make choice of fuch men, as fhould be found worthy cucry way for that worthy worke : and that he (hould not be deceiued in his cltoice,Paul tc:keth paines todraw him a patterne, and giuehim a liuely pi&ureof the manwhomhe meaneth.And thishe doch by a full defcrip- tionofthequalitiesandconditibs(as his lineaments)theproportionof which, if hecan efoie, he bath found theman he fought , and whom the Church needeth. Now chefequalities, as they concerne either his life, andconuerfation:or elfe his abilityand fitnes for do&rine and inftru&i- 1 on,