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Epiflleo f s. Paalto Titus. CHñA I6 on,foBoth the Apoflle in this order profecute them : the former from 91, this to the 9.verfe,thelatter in the latter part of this Chapter. Firfl then for the life ofhim, who is tobe called to this office in the Church , it is required, t. ingeneral!, that he be vnreprooueable,and that both at home and abrode, as we (hall fee : 2. more fpecially for his fur- ther beautifying,hemull both be furnifhed with certaine vertues,which mufl po itiuely Thine in him : and thefe are fuch as concernehis private life, and family: de(cribedin their kinds ,and partly in this 6.verfe, and, vrged by reafons in the 7. as alfo he mull be freed from many particular vices,which are reckoned vp,and amplified by theoppefitiou of thecon-' trarie vertnes which hemull exercife, verf. 7.8. This is the carriage of thefe verfes, the particulars whereof shall be propounded, and further profecuted in their places. Firti, it is required in generall in the life of him that is to be let ottera people as theirpalior,and teacher, that he be vnreprooueable. By which the Apoftle meaneth nothing leffe,then one that is without fault, or in- firmitie,or finne : for there is none that lineth , andfinneth not : and the Eedes.e.ta. high prie(i,thouggh a fpeciall typeofChri(l, and the cheife Mini(ler of the ancient Church ofthe Iewes,mufl fir i offer for his owneCannes, and then for the Cannes ofthe people : yea, and Chrili himfelfe teaching his Difciples ( the cheife Minifiersof the new Tetiament)topray ;taught d,íyaTia,,non them to fay daily, Forgiue vs our trefpafes : neither cloth thenature of 4'444rra er the word here vfed,rcquire any fuchangelical puritie:but meaneth fuch a oneas noman can iu@'y call into quefiion , or taint with any infamie, and crime, Iuflly,I fay: for otherwife it is not thepriuiledgeoldie bell, xuncFene ;. to keep themfrom tribunalls:beforewhich the Prophets, the Apot les, minc:finepea yea, and Chrifl himfelfe had fuchcrimes intended againfi them as proo- C1ty aurcm ri ued capital], but all iniuftty:fo is it the lot of the godly,to beoften bla- gn.`'vinere re es,aimar,non rued, and condemned for that wherein they are not blameworthy:and idagitvtpec. if barecalling in quctlion, did difable aMinifler from the office,it would beba,ti "'sia* quicklybe brought about by the malice oftheDeuil!, that all the moll veniam non at- confcionable Minifiers in the world fhould forme be fuppreffed.And as ap''. is at GrAuit inno- che charge mull be iuti,fo it mufi not be frailties,or infirmities that hang cens finedufaffe upon ournature commonly corrupted; but groffe and open faunes , yea ''uff`ciat4IuLan, and enormious crimes in the fight ofthe funne : the lull challenge and proofe ofwhich, difable a man from this funtlíon by this Apofiolicall Canoe. And howfoeuer he that is thecleaneti, and hash wafhed him- Celle in Mowwater,hath his own cloathes that will pollutehim;yet read we of diuerfe in theScriptures,that haue attained to walke without re- proofetas Iob,Zacharie, and Elizabeth: and many cumprinate Chrifii- ans at this day, through Gods mercie, line withom crime; though not any Sin, yuerda, non line pec. cato Augur. concr.Ccekain, Ii