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EpiflleofS. Paul to Titus. CHAP.I.6. ful couples cared not for the things ofGod? and if they did, whycannot other beleeuers?and if mariage werefuch an enemie to prayer,snd hinde- ranceof pictie in it felfe, as they would make it, why are all ChriRians commanded to pray contü:uall_y ? to pofieffe their veffells in holineffèand honour ? how is it that we read of families called Churches ? how could any man fay , /and my haufe willlime the Lord ? how cloth the wife man fay, that by a wife woman the houle is built vp? And indeede, where God giueth loch an one, a man is freed from many diffra&ions, and fin - deth his wife a fit help madevnto him., whereas it was not good for him to be alone. Finally,as all married perfons negleft not; fo all tingle per - fons feeke not the things of God: for wee reticle of many foali(h vir- gins. Futchermore,where the Apoffle affirtneth it tobegood to abide (Ingle, either in virginitieor widowhead; and not togiuethe daughter in mar- riage,&c. and that onely in regard of the prefent times; (hall no time af- ford lawfulnes for Tome fort ofeven to marrie ? And that thole precepts are fo to bevnderflood,the Apoffle himfelfe expreffeth: for ifgood were oppofed ro mill of finne ; then had the Apoffle contradi&ed himleife, when he laid, that he that marrieth (not onely clothnot cull), but)doth well: but good is oppofed to that which is incommodious, or inexpedi- ent : fo is the word allo vied, Match. 19. io. and this is that the Apoftic faith, it is nocgoodfor the prefent neceflitie: that is,it is not conducible, expedient : for that it ismore ioyous for a man to drinke his owne cup oftrouble in troublefome times, then to be vexed with the nsiferiesof a deflitute wifeand children. The like precept was giuen vpon the like occasion to the Iewes,that chey/houldnot marrie,norget children: Why? Tome Papifl: would hence affirme,becaufemarriage is an vnclean thing, and a finne: No: but in regard of thofe mo(i heauy times ofwarre,exile, andcaptiuity,wherein they (houldhaue leffe forrow and griefe whohad none to care for but themfelues:and this is the reafon expref ed by the Apoffle, where he faith, that fuch es are marriedfballhaue farrowe in the flefh, ver.28. Many more places they abufe, but chele are the cheife. Again(( all which, this place of the Apoffle may fettle the judgement ; where is a- uouched,that the Minifler may be the husband ofone wife,and the qua- lities ofthis wife defcribed,z.Tim. 3.1a. the euidence ofwhich two pla- cescollated, nonebut loch as are willingly blindcan refill: which with fume other places haue fo preffed them, as that they haue bcene driuen to,and from many poore{hilts. As z. they alleadge againfl this place, that in the Apodles dales indeed while the Church was rude and defor- med,there were fewer precepts giuen,and there beeing but few conuer- G 3 ted, IOI ,.rhrtr.a.a. and 5.,7. ln1.:4.15. Pron., i,en.:.r6. Macth.:j.r. t.Cory.38. eq.<4Épw. Irreol.16.2.