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CHAP.ItG. Ii CcJPJn71elllaYle von the toe ted it was permitted to the Clergie tomarrie:but afterwards the Church growing more confirmed, andbetter ordered, this precept of chafiitie was added. efin(rr. But who but Satan could teach them fo to di(lin- Eec1cfiatanq,á guifh, and determine that which was lawfull in Pawls time, tobe now a ADAMV$ prima finne fo capitall , as muff bee profecuted with no leffe punifhment then oriv"inceg"- rima fuir,quo death it Idle ? againe, how baíèly do they decine ofApoliolicail confii- lougiuspergir, rotions, in regard oftheir owne deuifes ? accounting them as rude, and plus fordis con. erahrrsr,rhtm. çhildifh things, and fisch as could bring no Church to any perfection, in Apoc Befides,how do they forget that theApoile had reformed many things iauJs.tAü, in this Iland alreadie, and left Titus to abfolue there(, and proccede in the reformation thereof Gill ? and yet in that his finifhing and perfe&ing things begun, this rule is deliuered, ifany bevnreprooneable, the husband. ofonewife. 2. Others Peeking, to elude this text fay, that the Churchin- deede had power then toappoint what conflitutions fhee pleafed , and law fittei for her prefent condition, and that this power fbee Gill reran nerh: fo as looke as the Mailer of a familyhath it in his power to enter - taine none but (ingle men- feruants in his family; the like power bath the Church,if fete pleafe,toadmit none into this feruice or minifiery but tin- gle perlons. Anf. But tofollow them alto into that tinting hole : r. They muff prooue their Church to be this familyof Chrifi: and the Pope to be the Mailer ofthis family. z. Let them improoue that the Mallet- of this famine is the LordTerns, who bath alreadie prefcribeda certaine forme, by which he will haue his minifiers chofen: and for the vfe of the Church, to the endeof the world hash recorded it in the Scriptures, of which this is a fpeciall branch , ifany bee the husband of one wife. 3. Others have found out an other (hilt : namely, that he who none is the husband ofone wife,and bath children too,may be chofen:but the A- poile faith not, that after one is madepica , he may marrie a wife : fo that if the work fall, the vowof chatiitieat the confecration ()fa priefi (hall Gill (land in force. Anfn. But what a miferable (hilt is this? for can it be lawfull for a marledman co be a Mitrifier;and not for a Minitier to be a married man? It is all one as if an Anabaptii fhould thus reafon; He that is now a Magi(irate,may lawfully vfe his Magi(iracie; but yet it is not lawfull for any man to becomea Magifirate: or whenwe are com- manded to feare God, aman might thus reafon: God bids hint that bath his feare exercife it, but yet he enioyues vs not to vfe the means to come by ir. Surely notwithflanding all there follies , it mull needes be as law-. Sam oúum full to become anhusband as be one: and he that canwithout finne haue nonati e contra&nm ma- may a wife, without finnemarrie one : we will therefore concludewith ri trimonii,&c. their Cardinall,that Prie(ihooddiffolueth not matrimonie,whether be-' Caietan.in loco lirpracitato. fore or after ordination contra., .c ed , if we feclude all other (awes, and (laud