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EptflleofS. PadtoTitua. CHAA I.6 worke which mull firli be performed by feueralperfons,and fo brought lit into families, and fo into townes, and fointo countries. For otherwife, let neuer fo good lawes be enacted for common-wealths , neuer fopure orders in any Church,the labour is no le(fe then loth But efpecially let the Minißerlooke to this , that firìhimfelfe, then his houle, and then Gods hou fe be reformed. Yfe. a. Here is a note to knowe a true profeffor by , not to'deeme him ashe appeareth abroad;but if thou wouldeßhaue the iufl length of his Foote, follow himhome fromChurch; feehowwifely he walketh ìn the tnidfof his houfe; fee whether his bottle be a Church ; how his chi]- PAt.,om. dren are ordered; whether his feruants be like Cornelius his feruants; "."4. and in a word, whetherhe and his houfe at home (erne the Lord Dettr. z. He that would haue theblcßìng of gracious children , he mu(l beginneat religion; planting it in them as their tender yeares will ;72,1:12":1 beare, training them in the inflicution and reformationofthe Lord,fea -!, drenmutt be. Ioniug them with the words olpietie diflilling andby littleand little 81narrclWoo. dropping into them feeds ofholineßé, and the feareofGod: and preui- I ding that they might if it were poffible fuck in godlines with theirMo thers milke. For this is the way to haue his bottle a little Church , and houleof God,befides the approbation of his owne faithfulnes.And that this is the dutie ofparents,we might be plentifull in Scriptures,and rea- Ions: but breifly let entry fat her confider, T. that he is one caufe ofhis R.ntons. Childseuill; he hath helped him into finne, and hath begottenhim inhis owrie image:the heathen could lay that thereare two maine caufes in a lewd father ()fa lewd child,: .the cuili nature &difpoficion of the pa- renr, a. evil l education: now feeing.the heft ofvsbring too much titi- fericvpon themby theformer, we had neede be meanes by the latter to drove themout of it. 2. This is a good ground of all other nurture and difciplinc;teach them all the dottirine ofmanners,all tongues,toge ther with ali arts&fciences,yet let thë want this one difcipline,thou lea inn them to the curfc ofGod; the ende oftheir liues is peruerted,and in (leadof becing the ßaffe and ioy of thine age, they !hall perhaps be- come thy greaten feourges. Trueit is which Salomon vttereth , and which eueryparent in fome nicotine fhall fay, ulfyfount, ifthy heart be plops3.r2. wife, /Aideeioyce: whereas, by the inn judgement ofGod ,.many lewde Comics neuerconic to knowe or performe duty to parents,. becaufe pa- rents have had final; or no care to teach them ducktowards God. 3. i. Marke how the Lord looketh upon thisduck, and accordingly blelfeth or curleth fathers and chiidren.Abrahamwas robe amighty nation,&e.. and the Lord would not hidehis fecrets fromhim, becaufe heknewe he would teachhü farsills, Gen. i 8. On thecontrary:Ely,otherwifcagood man,,