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CHAP.I.6. II 4 It handeth in two things. Pratt.' 2.6. Prov.4.4. x.Tim.r.5. c Conremesttarieuponthe man, how feuerely was he with his whole houfc ccrre&ed , for negleéi of thisduty? fie the hif',ory , Sam. 2. 29. q, Every Chrifiian txtufi extend his care even to pofieritie, and be a meanes to feane his children the true worlhippers ofGod,in the places where he hash lilted or (hall line abroad in the world : for as if we would haue the Church of God, and his truth continue amongll vs, we muff then bring it into our hou- fes;fo if we would haue it continue aftervs when we are gone , we mull kaue it With our children , that they may continue it hi their houles ai fo. Qseff. But wherein efpeciallydoth this dutie cor,fìfi , and how may we performe it? Anf. It tiandeth in two things , r. in acquainting them with the grounds oftruth neceffarietofaluation : and this mullbe done byprivate catechiung. a.by bringing them to the publike affemblies fo bone s they are able to fir either frutfull or reuereatly : and in both thefe,watch ouer their profiting Thus main thouand oughtefì to teach, euen a child in the trade ofhis way. Obietb. But this is avaine thing to trouble child ren,alas what would you hauechildren todo? Anf.But although it may feem to be fruitleffe while they are young, yet willthey remember it,ià,th Salomon , when they areold:teach thyehildtofpeakewell while he can but fpeake, and then hewil conceiue afterwards the fenfe and meaning of1t.2.T11ou (halt nos loofe thy labour,forby this meanes thou (halt difplace,at leafi refit-Moe naturall folly whichis boundvp in their hearts , if thou well nothing elfe.3.Lookebpon the examples of godly patenis:I-lam:ahbrought Sa- muel toHeli his infiruefor, fo Toone as he was weined , r.Sam.r. Salo- mon was but a tenderchild,when Dauid his father taught him and laid, let thyheart hold_raft mywords: Eunica the mother of Timothie , taught him the Scriptures afar child: and what excellentfruits andteftirnonies appeared in thefe,of their timely infiruéiion Vfe. Let eueryparent refoluaof the timely inftruetion of their chil- dren; that as he bath begotten them in the flea), he may be a meanes ro beget them in the faith allo; that as he is the father of their bodies, he may allo become after a fort the father of their foules alit,: and let she mother be a nurfe to the foule ofher little ones as of their bodies , and both fathers and mothers vfe means that as their children waxe in bodi- ly firength and Ilature;fo alto theymay groweto louse firength and age inChrifi Iefùs. But this dutie is not dilcouered in the fruits of it : nay, thepraóiifeofouryouth without, and on the Sabbath, pointeth with the finger to that rule that is within doores throughout the week:and if toprofane the Sabbath, fweare,raile, curfe,game,contemne fuperiours, benotes offaithfulchildrë;there isa number fuch:but if thele be things bet-