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CHAP.I.6. 114 Lcust:lL Ier.1f r.Sam.ta9. Riot what it is. óerotl+l. Ri t anhatcfull finne. Reafons. a A commentarie vonthe daughter was accufed tobe corrupted in their houle , and they did not their dutie in watchingouer hervirginitie :andaccordingly as thematter was found inafire, the father was dealt withal! : for if the defamation proouedvntrue, the partymuff make the father amends , by giuinghim anhundred thekelsof fluer : andyet (hall he not be troubled with his daughter: and if the daughter was conuiôted, the mull be brought to her fathersdoore, and all lfrael muff (tone her: and the realon is added, why the mutt be there (toned, becaufc the bath wrought folly in Ifrael , and plaied the whore inherfathers !wife, that is, for tranfgreffing the laweof God, violatingher Parents authoritie and credit, and defaming her fa- thers houfe. But an afpeciall lawe betideswas madefor the daughter of a Priefl. If a Prieus daughter play the whore, thepalluterh herfather, and therefore the mutt be more feuerelydealt with then any other, fbeemuflbee burnt withfire. O6ictt. If it he faid that whofoeuer in other tribes were de- prehended in the fame folly, were alfo put todeath:I anfwer,yea,if they were efpoufedor married :but ifvirgins(except a Prieas daughter)were not. end well may the Church electric ofa man according to the govern- ment of his children, feeing the Lord himfelfe goeth before in this ex- ample. How was Abraham honoured in his eyes, in that his children were fo in(Iru&ed, and ordered ?how was Ionadab gracedby the Oracle ofGod himfelfe, promiling that he fhould not want a manof his feed to Hand before God for euet:and all for the obedienceofhis fonnes,te(liti_ ed in following their Fathers fo (trait iniunélions. And on thecontrarie, howweregoodmen blemi(hed anddilbonoured for the profaueneLfe of their children; as eh is laid, to honour his fonnesabaueGod. More fpecially we are to confider in the precept, 1. The fpeciall vice prohibited: 2. the hatefulnes ofit: 3. the vte. a. Riot is a prodigall and 1auills watiofa mans fubflance, in eatings, . drinkings, intemperance,voluptuoufnes,vncleannes,or any other filthy tuft. The word in theoriginal besing taken from a certaine people,who were wont to fpend their wholedaies in feeding and fluffing themfeluea; and this was the greatrtl part of their care and calling: whorne for this carafe the Grecians called Iowa', that is, filch as cannot be faxed from a n:oAdelperatemiferie: or elk fuchas fame nothing for themfelues, and their family, but in theendbeing brought to extreame want andpenu- rie,die molt miferably. 2. The hatefulnesofthis finne appeareth: a. :n chat it is a note ofall profanenes, and irreligion: for the text oppofeth it tofaithfulneffe.a.Ic is branded to be acourfeof the vnconuerted, yea the very knot of all the Iußs