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EpiReofS:Pirud to ?'iter. CtiAP.i.6. better befeemingthe education ofinfidels, it is a fhame for profeffors of sr; theGofpel tohaue them fo rife amonga them. And what other is the next caufe ofthe general profanenes anddiffolutenes ofour age; furely, bccaufemen content themfelues to fend their children to Church ( and yet tome fcarce that, and many that for a fafhion,) that if they can meet with knowledge of God or religion there, fo it is; but they banifh it out of their houles. And how infinitely doe we hereby difaduantage our felues ? The lspills content., that all the groundwe haue got of them, Preface ache is by catechizing:and it is to be feared we (hall loofe our ground sine caoech.ofche S g' , g aga of for want of it. lulushimfelfe cannot deuife a readier meaues tobanifh Trenc. Chri (+ Eu(6.bilLeeci. ian religion, thenby pulling downe fchooles and placesof iiozeap,Ir. tion ofchildren bycatechizitsg.And when loft the Church of Rome the foundneífe of religion, but when they put downe catechifine, and let vp idols and images, thebookes of laymen and children ? Confidering therefore the corruption ofthe heart, which needs reformation with the foonel ; euen as the bodiemull be framed at the firl fwadling,&weeds plucked vpat the fir(+ peeping ep; together with thecommandementof God, which enioynech the parent towhet precepts vpon his children;the pra6tife of Chrifl calling babes veto him, and inlrufling his familie:aad !ally, thebenefit which hence (hall redound to thy child ,'thou leaning him the onclypearle and rreafure, which is likely CO abide with him;bee not wanting in thy endeauours,but giue all diligence wherby thou rnaifl be the father net of children only, but offaithful!children. Notflanderedofriot ] As the Apoille requirech that the childrenof Mi- niflers fhould be taught in wholefome do6lrine ; fo now by remoouing the contrarie, would he haue them futable in their manners andbehaui- our; that euen in the Chrilian carriageof the children, the Fathers fit- neffe to gouerne maybeapprooued,fcaudal may be auoided,and neither his do6trine,nor life may be iully excepted again(+. Whence in general may be noted, that the cariageofa mans children is a great cralic or dif- i áesne úer grace rohis profeflion,which as it is true in eueryprofelòr,fo efpecially graced' urdif. in the Miniler: for either the fathers glorie is faene in his gouernment, pa ca 4`h` or theprofaneneffe ofthe children is the fathers blemifh. Awife Tonne, faith Salomon, is the crowneof his father; but lewd children are like Si- rneonand Leui, which make their father(otherwife a good man) flinke Gen'14.5a amonghis inhabitants. Therewas a lawe ena6led,that if any man laid T, -CUT ßandtrous things tohis wife;as that he foundher noravirgin; the woman expounded. her felfe maynot follow the a6tion, in clearing her felfe againfl her huf- band, leal themarriage fhould (cerne tobe diffolued pendente lite: but the Lord mol wifely ordered, that the parents fhould for her : and why they?furelybecaufe their nameand honour was impeached, in that their H t daugh-