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CHAP.I.Ó. c4Commenterie vpon the 116 usamm1.16. Mattha6.8. Ytatch.r;. The godlymut :roderate their .ltte&ions,to .:ontainethem feints within the golden ineant. Lnk.8.rq. t.Pet.r.tt._ ftnles eo_helpe forwacd in chis duty. habitants : but tieplentie andabundance ofour countrie , bath fet toniru and Cleopatraagaine at finite,whocan be more prodigioufly pro - fufe and riotous: yea it feemeth that mencan fcarfe deuife how to fpend them fall enough in exceffe.Seewe not that the difhes ofont fathers were nothing fo cooly as our fauces? theirNobles not better apparelled, then fome of our groomes; that our Nabals feafls,though but farmers,arelrle thefeaffs ofaKinQ.j where (hall a man fet dowsein the meetings of men, where a man (hall not trulier apply that quettion, then he that vttered it, ghatmeaneth this wall? but in fome entertainements the idle and (inne- full waft of Gods good creatures is filch, as let by that ofCaligula, who mull haue his bread guilded ; it is iutcly fufpe6ted that all the world of theGentiles themfelueswould fallevs of fuch prefidents : and what is this other then the nurfe as well as the mother of infinite other euills ? what meruaile is it that the hearts ofmenare fo heavy, and oppreffed , as that no fence and feeling of religion canbe fafiened vpon them? How doemens mouches runne ouer with impure or vnfeemely (peaches? how doe other efcapes paffe from themexceeding fcandalous and offenfue ro the ChurchofGodwhich are in thefewales: fometimes loofing the ho- lines and chaflitieoftheir foules andbodies; fometimes firiking vp moll graceles matches in this their forgetfulnes, rafhly ouer- (hooting them_ fettles fo farre,asbringeth lull matter ofrepentance all their daies:as He- rod in his riotous feafl, patted his wordagainl IohnBapti(ts life:a feare- full fruit ofthis finne. 4. Let everyChriflian learnehence tomoderate his mind, and keepe it within the meaneand meafure in the fruition of all earthly delights: and the rather,becaufe euen Gods children are foprone tobe carried af- ter the fafhions of theworld,and to exceed in die :, apparel!, both aboue their calling, and beyond their abiliti.e :which is a blot to be repented of, and that the more timely, becaufe the further the childof God geeth from the meane, the more gratehe loofeth, and the weaker is his Joule: and it cannot be but voluptuous liulog will CbO4kg the word, euen in the heft : and therefore it ia not vnfeafonable to exhort Chriftians, and con- timed ones, Tagirdvp the loynesof their minds, and Seefiber. Euen as the Iewes and Eatlern people at this day, tuckvp their long garments to make themmore expediteand free to a Tourney or bufcnes : toChri(lians iourneying towards heauen, mutt take (bort their mincies from earthly delights,and battenthemfelues homewards,with fo much the moreneg. leE&of thefe things,as they haue better in their eie.Now the rules which will helpe vs in this duty,are thefe three. t. Before the receiving ofany comfort of any creature, acknowledgeGod the giver, the bieffer, the looker on. 2. Looke to thy felfe, andwatch thy owne heart in thevfe,. that