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EpifleofS. Paul to Ting. CHAP.I.6 that it be not withdrawne from the loueof the Creator by the creature. r r 7 3. after the vfe,take vp'the praétife ()fhb, who afterhis Comics had libe- rally and a long time banqueted together, he fan&ified them, and offe- red prayers and oblations to God , according to the number of them 1614 all. Xot difobedient ] The word in the Greeke is a Metaphor , taken from maeiraax. vnruly and vntained beafls, fuch as know not the yoke, but are refraóla- rie and headflrong: and in this oneword, two things are alike condem- ned, as well the [inne ofthe child, as the caule in the Parent. The former is alwaiesa noteof irreligion, difobedience in the child : the latter for moll part,a noteof indifcretion,and that is remi&nes in their father:both of them vnbefeeming common Chriflians; but in a Miniflers houle may raife a MR fufpirion, that he is not a fit man to order & goucrn the hotife of God :for ifeuery family of common Chriflians be , or ought to be a little Church;it is more then Tuff and meet, that the family ofa MiniRer benot onely,not a confpiracy ofrebels, fonnes ofBelial,and difordeered and licentious mates; but fuch as may ioyne together in the worfhp of God, and holyconuerfation, for the goodexampleofothers? Herenote thefe two points : Fa, that difabedienceofchildrenit a noteofirreligion. Euen as weno- ted in the former vice, which the Apoflle allo maketh a noteof one gi. uen vp to a reprobate minde, and full of all vurighteoufneffe , and mar- keth forone ofthe courfes wherein theGentiles walked to deRruétion: and prophecying ofthe lafl and wor;l times he fetteth in the beadtole ofvngodlymen, which fhould make the times fo bad, thole that are di(- obedient to parents. And this contideration may be of good vfe to all that would beefleemedgracious and religious children, to learne to be- come obedient unto their Parents inall things,with that only exception, or rather interpretation ofthe fatneApoRle,intheLard. And this obe- diencemuß bewray it felfe, both in doing all their lawful! commaunds, feel= they neuerfo bale: for God bath let a flampe on them: and this with fuch chearefulneffe, as that fo far as they can come to know them, theymay euen preuent their good defires,not deferring till their dutybe demanded : and2. allo in fufferiag, a. themfelucs tobe difpofed in their lawfull callings,and in their lawful! marriage,as Ifaac: 2. tohe rebuked, corretled, and chaflened, foyeelding them all reverence, as Hebr. t 2.9. Neither is the Scripture wanting inmotives veto this dutie. t. It is a duty well pleafingtoGod,Col.3.r. 2. IrisaioJt thing, faith the Apo- file, Eph.6. i. that beeing in thepower oftheir Parencs,they fhould per- forme all dutiful! obedience towards them:It is right in regard ofGods law, the law ofnature, and the laves of the Gentiles themfelues : to fay H 3 no- nifobedienee of chilnrcn co parents con- demned. Itom.t.;o. a.Tim.3.s. Cololr;,t. Eph.6.r. Wherein obe. diente to pa rcncs muábe ritcwed. Restons enror, cinq theduty etvo ipt timer z