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CiHAP.I.ó. I20 Pronay.rf. r.Sanr.xo.;a Prou.19.79 ex. pounded. tACor'nmentArie upon the theParents; according to that of the wifeman, A child let alone to him- felfe,fhamethhis mother: andGodbath moli crof ed his children, in their children bell beloucd , to teach them to loue all of them in goodmea- fure. Neither in all this would I haue Parents to prouoke or exafperate their children, asSant did lonathan : I. bothby an vniuß commaunde- ment, todeliver his friend, and an innocent to death:as 2.by an vadefer- uedreproach, callinghim the fonneof anharlot:and 3.by a furious a6ti- on, of cafiinghis dirt at him to flay him: which made lonathan rife and leaue him. Neither yet doe I hereexalt the forfeit of every offence in the child ( as neither the Lordcloth of his children) knowingthat the child is the fathers owne bowels; and that theParent after a fort fuffe- reth with the child: and fometimes God himfelfe threatneth and for- bearech,and warneth his owne children: as,Exod. 32. 34. But yet this precept inioyneth Parents fo feafonably co break their childrens corrupt delires, as that theybe farre from difobedience, to God , or chemfelues: and therefore that is a worthy precept of Salomen to eueryParent , read according to the bell tranflation,Bee thougreat in theferuencie ofthine an- ger inforgiving afa1: that is, (hew thy great indignation againli that finite, the correirtron of which for the prefent thou forbearefi, faying, that is, threatnin g, that ifthonJhalt deliver hiso,thouwilt furtherpuni/hhim afterwards.And thus training them in obedience at home, it will become thy glory, and their beauty abroad. Whereas the caufe that now they fwagger, and are matlerleffeabtoad,is becaufe they were neuer well ma- tiered at home: and the reafon why now in mans elate, perhaps under a faithfull miniliry, theyare fo incorrigible, is becaufe in their youth they bare noyoke, werenot inured with corre6tions. Fathers affoarded no. helpe to the Minifiers, by their good education,and therfore nowgood meaner cannot pteuailc with them. Verf. y. Fora Bifhop muffde vnreproouea6lc , at Godi ffeward, not fro- warel,not angry,notgiuen to wine,nofiriker,not giventofilthy lucre. The Apolile in the former verfe,hauing (pokes of chofe pofitiue ver- tues required in the private life ofeuery Miniher: in the former parr of this verle he enforceth them by reafons; and in the latter part reckoned) vp manyvices,from all which he mull be free, ifhe will be vnblameable. The reafons are two, the former of which is included in the change of the name, a Bifhop: the latter propounded in a comparifon, Flee is Cod, fleward.Inbothwhich regards his caremull be doubled , that bee may walke vnblameable before hispeople. For the former ofthefe, tovnderfiand it the better,wemull confider two