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Eyi, flit of S. Paul to Titus. CHAP.I.6 kedout by the rnuens ofthe valley? force neuer had the feareofGod them- 119 Celtics, andcannot teach their children the wayes ofGod;oay, many hate Pro.3.o.17. Gods feare in thernlelues , and in their children , and in all Gods children: whenceby a (ecret judgment of God it is, that as they taught them roduele towards their heaucnly father, fo they deni: all dutie not feldom to theirea:thly parents.Othersmay not difpleafc their children, and fo either arc fond and loofe their authority,not chaflcning thf: while there is hope: or elfe theypamper them as men do the beafis they would feed vp, andnot feafpnably breake them; or elfeby mild reproofes they rather cocker and beate them in their fones, then correé} them , as Eli I.Sam.t. did: orti le if theybebut crept outofchildifhneffe,oh then they arepall the rodde;Parents mull haue their children counted men, when they arebut boyes,and neuer fo fit for the fchoole anddifcipline:by all which meanes, they bring in the end mifcheife on their children,andCharmvp- on themfelues: this indulgence inDauid was the ouerrhrowe almoll of all his children; but elpecially noted in the fall ofAdoniah, hisfather r.Kin.Le. would not difpleafe himfrom his childhood, tofay, what baff thou done ? Yea, but Parents fay, what would you haue vs doe? they be but young, and AgainRfondncs youthmufi haue a time,and we may not euer be dulling them with cor- -in Factor,. reEhon; their owne roddc will beate them well enough in time, and Toone ripe will be Toone rotten. Towhom I fay , I would haue you to confider the (late ofyour children, and the great meafure offollie that is boudd vp in their hearts, which the rod ofcorreótion onely candriue our. z. Toknow that if children get head while they are fo, they are 2 likely to hold it when they are fironger: note the fpeach ofSalomon,Euen Prou,aoar. achildmal¿erh himfelfe Ilrowne in his works , whether his worke begood and pare: that is, you may read and guelfe in a child, how his courfe is likely to prooue afterwards: we read ofgood children that becamegood men, feldome or neuer of wicked children altered: it is not more commonly then wickedly faid,youngSuints, olddeuils: but truer it is, that feldome doe youngdeuills become oldeSaints. 3.That it is the note of afle(hly 3 n,irde in thee, to loue nothing but thineowne flefh in thy children, and to carrie no loue to their foules: nay,it is not loue, but hatred which[pa- reth the rodde : or call it loue if thou wilt, it is a cruel! loue ; cruel! I lay, t. to thy child, z. to thy felfe. t. to him, becaufe tl-ou negleétinghis timely correction ; the Lord either caufeth him to fall into the handof the Magifirate, the father of the countrie; or elfe takes him into his owne hand to controll, or elfe cut off: whereas thy rodde might haue oiuen himwifedonte , and thy timely rebuke might haue deliuercd hisfadefrom hell , that is, his lifefrom the graue. z. to thyfelfe, for wee Pro14:343.24. feldome read, but that the darling child , was the forrowe and lhametto H 4