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124 Reafons `o r the ci clef. MiniRcra eat. ltdRewards, why. I 3 Luk.is.a. Minivers racj looke char they Rau_ on them the properties ofttewards. cí1 Commentarte upon the andgodlineffe, where (hall we finde filch a one ? but if a minifter , oh this requires one able co build vp thebodic of Chrifi,andwho is fuf$ci- eint for this thing ? The reafons hereof are , r. the external) ele&tion of theChurch ought to follow the internalll of the fpirite fee r. Saint 0.24, 1. it euer arguethcorruption,to referreprivate refpeEts before the pub- like good. 3. theends ofeuery calling are 1. and principals Gods glo- rie, a.neerer and inferiour: 1. the helpingof thecommunion of Saints, a. buildingofthe Church , whichhe who is likely moft to prefecre, is principally CObe preferred. As Godsflemard] Hereare likewife to be cenfidered two things.i.the lignification of the word. 2.the force of theargument. Firlt, the word implyech thus much, that God is agreat houfholder, Matth.zr.3 3. that his houle is his Church,where he as a great parlonage keepethhis refidence ; moreRarely and honourable then the court or aanding bottleof any earthly king in the world ; in that herein heplea - feth tomanifeft his pretence by lais 1pirit, working in the word and mi- nifiry: and as it is with other great houfes,fo the fpirit of God fpeaketh of this , as committed not to one, but manyfewardr, who take the chargeof it, to order and gouerne it according to the minde of the Ma- fter,aud vnto his greatef honour and aduantage.And thefe ftesivards are the minifiers,fo called r. becaufe as the Reward in an houle is to difoenfe all neceffaries vnto the whole familie, according to the allowanceand likingofhis Lord; even fo theMinifter receiueth fr6 Godpower to ad- minifter according to the neceltìties of the Church , all the things of God,as word,Sacraments,praier, admonirion,&c. a .As the Reward re- ceiueth thekeies oldiehoule toopen and fhut,to Iock andvnlock,to ad- mit or exclude odt of the houle : for fo is it Paid of Éliacim, Ifa. 22. 22. cven fo euery Miniver receiueth thekeies of the kiagdome of heauen; to open, and (hut heauen, to bindand loofe,to remit and retaille firmes, as Matth.16.19. 3. As the fieward fitted) not in his owne as an owner, or freeholder, but is to be cauvteable and togiuevphis bills monethly,or quarcerly,whenthe matter (hall call for them ; lo euery Miniher is to be counteablcofhis talents receiued,andof his expenfes, and how he barb difpenfed his mailers goods.Heb. i 3.1 y.They watchfor theirfoulesas they which muflgiueaccon;t. Doilr. Fromwhich fimilitude, we may learns that it is the dunc efe- uery M inifter,to fee that hehath both the calling, and allo theproperties befeeminghirn,who is the RewardofGod. And for his calling, hemuff be GodsReward: the Lordmuff let him in thisplace of feruice fo neere him; or elfe he is but a theife or intruder : ofwhom it cannot be Paid, tha: the Lordbathmade himaller suerhis houfe. The properties of Gods fiew-