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EplflleofS. Paidto riots. CHAP.I.7. ¡Reward areprincipally two, i. Wifedome, 1. Faîthfulnes. So we finde them in the placealleadged:who is awife andfaithfull feruant,whom the Lord may make ruler ouer his houle ? And fiat ofthe faichfulnes of this lieward: as the cheife Dodlor ofhis Church bath gone before in exam- ples whowas firli appointed, and then faithfull unto him that appointed hire , Heb. 3.2. fo is it requiredofeuery Mini/ferof Chri {,anddifpofer of the fecretsof God,that he befoundfaithfull. Now this faichfulnes fiandeth in, s.d f ributing,2.a/l, 3.his mafter.c allowance to thofeof his houfhold. For, t. he is called to be a difiributer to difiribute their nieate vnto his fellow feruants, as it was the manner in thofe times wherein our Sauiour lined, for the cheife feruant to deuidevnto theother feruants their por- tions ofmeate;and thisnot as a Lord ouer them, but as a fuperiour fer- uant with them:and the Reward currywhere is as the hand ofthis eco- nomicallbodie,to take in and glue out;the whichhand if it ihouid not for cafeor idlcnes be pluckedout of thebofome to feed the body, that muff needs flame andperifh. 2. He mull difiributehis Lordsmeare and allowance , according to hisMallets miedc: that is, thepure wordofGod , without mingling or corrupting.Wholforne food,not drawne out ofthepoyfoned puddles of PopilhFriers,or poliillars,of Poets,or Philofophers,neither of his own or any other mens inuentions or traditions : but out of theFiore of the Prophets and Apoflles, which is a fufficient treafurie whence he may bringout abundanceof things new and old. For herein the miede ofthe Mailer muff be the fquare of his feruant,whohim( ifwould not,neither fuser others togiue for bread, f}ones; nor ferpents for fifties : but as the mailer calling his feruants toempioimeet, deliuereth themhis owngoods, fo alto calling them to accounts, requireth the returne andgaine of his owne. Whence alír>euery Miuifier is here called Gods Jleward, and the difpenfer of Godsmyfleries. Who if he fpeake, bee mull doe it as the words of God: if heminrfler, hemull doe it as of the abilitie which God minflreth : if he haue receiued the gift, let himminifier thefamegíft as a good difpofer. And thus (peaking, miniliring, and difpenling, he (hall be acknowledged a fieward only,and not a Lord ; an infirunrent, and not the author ofthe food he breaketh: and thus {hail men depend not vpon man, but God for the food and lift oftheir foules : and thus inall things fhall Godbeglorified. Such faithfull fiewards were the Apofileso Paul deliuered to the Corinth,' what he had receiuedof the Lord :. and Iohn in the name of all theApoilles, t. Iob. r.a. That which we haue heard,feene with our eyes, and with ourhands handled, declarewe unto. you. And, Wepreach not ourfelues, bat the Lord lefas, and.oarfelues.,your feruants for lefts,' fake , 2. Corin. 4. 5. And ifwecat+ele vpon the arch- 125 The properties oigood flew. ara. :.cor.}.t a i Mat:h.:5.4. i.Pct.4ar. 1.cor.4.7. A.cor.n.s3, type