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VHAP.I.°J. 130 Such as draw neere roto God in profcf fion,muft be carefull to ben. tiñe it. Rcafons. I 2 ACormmemtarievon tbe refpeêìs, againfl the lawofGod, and again(' my confcience, I will not for the fauingofmy life do ir. Vfe. 2. Euery profeffor of thé Gofpel, beeing drawne much neerer vntoGod, that the common fort ofmen, tnufl endeauour to walkewor- thy ofGod, Colof. r, r o. and worthyof thecalling towhich he is called,Eph. 4_1. namely, both the generali callingof Chrillianitie, which muff bee beautifiedand adorned: as alto the fpeciall calling and condition oflife, vntowhich the Lord bath difpofed him : for even that null be holily, and wifely managed. And fuch force bath this reafon drawne from our caller and caliing,tomooue beleeuing hearts to watchfulneffe ouer their waies, as that theApotlles moll frequently vrge it vpon Chriflians : As where we are commanded to be holy, becaufe God is holy : towalke in thelight, as God is light: towalke in lone, as God is lone: towalke in the truth, asGod is the truth : by all which,and many woe like precepts, what elfe is enioyned a Chrillian man, but that the life, the nature, the goodneffeand holineffe of God rcuealed in Chrifl, be the example and dire&ionofhis life and courfe for this is the walking worthy of God, towhich we are exhorted by this argument, becaufe beebath called vs,t Theff.z.t 2. And further, if we confider vetowhat we are called, the fame place of the Apofile íheweth, that weare called to be veryneste voto God : walke worthie of hem that bath calledyou to his kingdomeand glorie: to akingdome;we were indeede farre off, alients, andGentiles, andvery defpicable, without all hope: but now are called to participate in an other manner of kingdotne then that of great King Ahafhue- rofh, towhich poore Hefter was called : And feeing many may be in the Court of aPrince, and yet force of them abide in baler offices , andnot many of themglorious, or gracious, as theQteene,andchildrenare: God bath called vs to a kingdome and glorie; that with the refidue ofthe Church, we might become his owne fpoufe, and fo partake ofhisowne glorie and malefic. Now howmuch arefuch beggers as we, (called to fuch aduancements) bound to walke worthyof fuch a condition, as to which inChrifl we are called ? a. Let every profeffour confider that the falls of fuch as are nearer God, moredifhonour God, andmorehurt the Church , then groffer finnes ofother men ; and therefore the Lord can leffebeare their fallsvncorredled. Dauidtookeitmoreheauily that fuch as did cate bread at his Table fhoulddefpife him, then others fur- ther off: and that e4bfalom his owne bowels fhould feeke his life , then that Shemei fhould raile onhim. Profeffors of Chrifl mull thinke, that they dippe in the fame difh with Chrifl, and therefore they ofall fhould be farce from difhonouringhim. Which oneconfideration, fhould en- force them the rather both to forrowe for finne pail, andbreaking off finnes