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Epifde ofS. Patel to Titan. CHAP.I.7 the more careful( of his carriage : that he may both refemble him in his vertues, dignifie his place , and walke more worthy of him that hath drawne him fo neerehimfelfe. Befides that, euery mater looketh tobe graced by his feruant: and much more will the Lord be glorified, either ofor in all thole that comeneere him, Len.' o. For as the maaer quick- ly turneth out ofhis doors,fuch difgracefuli perlonsas become reproch- full to the family; euen fo the Lord knowing that the infamous courtes of the feruant, reacheth it Celleeuen to themaaer,turneth fuch out ofhis feruice, which are the iva fubieds of reproach. Whereof we haue an excellent example in Ezech. 44..9. to the t 5. for the Leuites which had ferued before idols, were thrua from the Minifi~ery of holy things; yea although they were of the houle of Aaron, yet could they neuer he re- ceiued into the Priet/soffice to comeneare theholy place, but at mot/ mua keepe thedooms ordofomeother inferiourferuice :So as fuch as comeneere veto God, whether Minifiers or profeffours , maynot fay, they dobut as others do;much leffe as many feruants abule their Princes or Lords cloth, to thepriuiledge oftheir diforderedcourfes,and to face out their bad matters: but the feruants of this houle, as they mua haue a fpeciall reprefentationofthe imageoftheir maaer; fomay they not do many things which are lawful! for othermen : the Prieas , who muff come into the inner Court, may not marrie widowes but maids, nor fuch as werediuorfed, verfe zz. both which were lawful(enough for others. Vfe. r. Let euery Minitier make this vfe, in confidering the cxcellen- cieof his calling aboue others. Whenhe (hall beginne to fay in him- felfe with lofeph there is nonegreater in the houfethen l follow themat- > > a ter as he did ; Shall I doe this finite? {hall I fort my felfe with wicked perlons inwicked ra&ifes ? hall I defile my Celle with vnlawfull aolne P Y pleafufes? fo fhould I be a fwearer? a tauerner ? a drunkard ? a riotous, perfidious, idle, or vnclean petfon , feeing my mailer bath thus advan- ced me, bow can I doe this?God forbid I fhould thus finne againa God. I am the Rewardof Gods houle, and it is for thehonour of God, to hase the Reward of his houle vnblameable : my place is to blame and cenfure all diforders in the family,and can my felfe be fo difordered?See andconfider an excellent example in Nehemiah, when he was warned by a prophecie ( though a falle one) to file into theTemple for his life from before his enemies: he anfwercd,fallfach a mamasIfloe ? this were neither glorious toGod, nor honourable tomy felfe : he let me about thisbufines,and he can andwill deliuer me:and my felfe am the captaine, and let ouer all the people , and canIfire ? who it it that beefing at 1 am, wouldgoc into the remple tohue: the fad then beeing in this, andother i 29 The nearer any nhi,Xu°ie morecaretall muRhebeoE h;s prrlaga ; aegst°ás be the honour the Reward. of INedee lag n;snou(e vn. Gcn.;y.s. L..ea.9. Nrhera.ó.rti It re-,