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CHAP.I.7. i3a I011.3439 Great fchollets may and waft be caught by meaner then t en:talues. fteafons. Iam.a.c. t.Pct.nn. Gen.4r.ar. Uana.,y. 4Commentarie upon the dinary Chriftian,maybeas (baking reeds,toffed hitherand thither with euery blaft of winde; butyet is it a wife mans part to heareand trie,and not flick to hisowne counfell; as a manwifet in his owne conceit then feauen men that cangiue a reafon : for there is greater hope of a foole then of fuch a, one. 3. There are many neceffìtudes and occafions between theMiniflerand people : bee mu(1 admonifh the inordinate, raife with comforts the affli ted,reflore thofe that are fallen, & let their bones againe tenderlyby the fpirit ofineeknes:and privatelyencourage thofe that doe well.Againe,they muff confult with him, aske him force_ timesofhis doélrine, lay openunto him their greife, as to theirPhifiti- anunder Chrifl, and feeke for particular direé} ion in fpeciall cafes from him: in all which and many moe mutual' duties , they may not by this . inordinate humor be deterred, and hindered : but rather with all meek - nes and lenity be allured,iouingly entertained,and contentedly difmif- fed from him. Vfe. This doarinemay beprofitably appliedboth toMiniflers and people. The Minillermull learne to be i. docible, a. affable ; the for- mer fitteth him to learne ofothers , the latter to teachothers: for none canbe apt to teachothers, who is not apt to learneofothers: and in the Minifler efpecially a tra&able and teachable difpofition,is a lïngniar in- uiting ofothers byhis example,cnore eafily to admit his teaching,whe- therby reprehenfion,admonition,or how loeuer. Etihu ioyneth learning and teaching together , Leta manof vnderftandiug tell me, let a manof vnderftanding hearken unto met: and euery one will thinke it fit, that young Iofhua fhouldminifter untoMoles, young Samuel to Eli , Elifha to Eliah,Baruch to Ieremie,Titus to Paul;yea the difciples toChrill; & thinke itvnreafonable that the blind fhould offer to lead the blind. But this is the fault ofmany Minifters,thac côceiuing they are now fitted to teachothers,they difdaine to be taught by others and thinke it too bale for them to beare fuch as they cenceiue meaner and weaker in gifts then themflues : whom I with they would remember what adangerous thing it is to hone the faith of God in refpeit ofperfont, and to receive the word as mans word, and notas Gods whole indeede it is. 2. That theApoflle Peter thought it meete that even fuch as had knowledge, and wereftablJhed in the prefent truth,fhouldbe put in remembrance of fuch. things as theyknewe, andfurred vpto the praélifeof them. 3. That all hauenot the fame gifts,nor the fame gifts in the fame meafure , that no man might fay ofany mans gifts , I haue no neede of them : Iofeph can expound a dreame when he heareth it , but Daniel candeclare a dreame which the Kingbath forgotten, and expound it al fo, which is a double knowledge:yea,that Iethro in fcime thingsmay fee more then Mofes, & Naa-