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EpifleofS. Paidto Titus. CHAP.I.7. Naamans feruant more then himfelfe. As for the other vertue oppofed to frowardncfre ,namely4abilirie,which teacheth to entertait:e the talk ofothers with t gnificationof our goodwill vnto them in our fpeach.cs and geltures, it is a great grace, and a profitable ornament in aMinitier, that can gracioufly and wifely weild ir. 2. So hearers (feeing frowardnes is filch an impediment to inftruEti- on) muff learne to cart it from them: which in many (otherwife well af- fe led) is adifpo(ition hard topleafe: in fomemaking them fieldome contented with thepaines, matter, or manner of theirminiflerie:but ha- uing a bed in their braille of their owne fize , whatfoeuer is longer they cut off, whatfoeuer is (hotter they ftretch and racke it: for their owneo- pinions maynot yeeld, not knowing to give place to better. Others are fecure, and therein Browne froward againft the word : beeing mourned vnto,they weepe not; beeing pipedvnto,they dauncenot: if their Mini- tier bea companion, they reieet him as he is; if he be not, lie is too au- acre, and too precile; yea, numbersare fo fuperftitioufly froward, and fo fetledin their fuperflitious and old cuftomes, that let the Minifier fpcake out ofthe mouth of the Lord,they fayplainly they will not heare him, as the Iewes did againft Jeremy: oh that the tra6tablenefle ofour people were fo comeabroad, as it might beboth their owne praife , and their Miniftersioy ; whereofwe fhould Toone fee fruits well befeetning the people of God : for while it attributerh voto God,his truth,and men teaching it that authoricie which is due voto them, it freeth the winde from ignorance, delinereth from thebands ofdelufion and errors, and openeth a large entrie into the treafures of wifedome. Not angrie ] Quell. Is it not law full for a Minifler tobe angryat all? Anfw. We mull know that all anger is not condemned in Scripture.For, i. anger is a natural! affe&ion, whichmay be vfed as well as others ,both calinely and in heat allo, of holy men id an holy manner : as c2fofes the meekest man in theearth as appeared bo;h by the Lords teftlmonie, as allo by bearing lush reuiling fpeaches of his brother & 6fter,Nam. t i. yet is he laid to líe very angry,yea his fierce anger cantedmany to be (lain, Exod. 3 a. z.The Prophets andApofiles were very angry oftentimes,& there- fore commended, as Phiners: and `Paul calleth the Galatians,foolrfh Gala_ tiaras : nay Chritl himfelfe is laid to beangry, Mar.6. and called Peter, Satan , Matth. 16. 3. It is an affe&lion commaunded , Eph. 4.26. and, Ecclef.7.5. anger is better thenlaughter : fo as it is finne , not to be an- gry againfl Clone. 4. When the Scriptures condemn anger,they vre fuch rettraint,as that the finne of it,ratherthen it felfe as finue fhouldbe con- demned: as Matth.5.2 z.Whofoeuer is angry with his brother vnaduifed- 133 rcr.44.t1. Rom.19.16. H°wfarang i s warranrcd er to a miniaar. Gat.3.7 Mokz.y. I 3 Iy,