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EpifileofS. Pashto Titus. CHAP. I.'. wilt not thou let one drop fall vpon thy brother,to for beare, & forgiue I" 19 in trifling wrongs. 4. Vpon the danger ofretaining wrath, which is an 1 4 high degree ofrnurtherahou praie(i to be forgiuen , as thou forgiuefl: the promife is , forgiue and it (hall be forgiuenyou : the threarning is, that judgement mercileffefba(l be to lotus thatfheweth not mercis: and be lure ' r'maas that what meafurethou meter veto others,(hall be meafured to thee a- Mat.7.r. gaine,and returned into thine owne boforne. And for the praEtifes: t. in thine anger make foredelay,before thou 'P "ElifeS fpeakefl,or doer any thing :whichpoint of wifdome,nature bath taught i her clients to obferue. That ofSocrates to his feruant is better knowne then pra&ifed,l had fotitten thee ,bat that Iwas angry : andmemorable is that answerofAthenedorau to Aagaaf us, defiring him to ¡cane him Come memorable document and precept, aduifed him that when he was an- gry,he (hould repeat ouer the Grecke Alphabet before he attempted a- ny fpeachor aSion.But although this bee good means,yet will it be to no purpofe, without the heart be purged ofdiforder:therefore 2. Apply to thy heart by faith the death ofChria, to the crucifying a ofthis lull ofthe filth: nothing elfe.can cleanfe the heart but theblood ofIefus Chrif, who as he was crucified, fo they that are his haue alto crucified the flefhand the lulls ofit. Garsla. 3. After the inward difpofition vfeoutwardhelpes: as, r.auoide oc- 3 caftons,aschiding,contentions, multiplyingof words, which though theybewinde, yet doe they mightilyblow vp this fire. 2. depart from the companyofthe contentious, as Iacob fromElan , and Ionathan a- Pro,}i.sq: voided thefurie ofhis father, by riling vp and going his way. 3. driue away with an angry countenäce whilperers,tale-bcarers,flatterers,who are Satans fedcfinen,by whom he foweth his tares euerywhere;and his bellows by whom hebloweth vp thefe helli(h fparkles,defirous to bring all things into combuflion and confufiou, 4. Pray for firengrhand grace againli it,efpecially for the contrary 4 vettues,of humility,meeknes,loue, and a quiet uof Godmach et.;.?, fet by :and hauing obtained flrength and vi Rorie againfl the affaults of a,forget not tobe thankefull; but breakeout into thepraifes ofGod, as Dauid when he was turned backe from his rafh vowe ofdefiroying Na- rsam,aq.j;: bats family,could not containe himfelfe,but teflified the gladnes of his heart in thcfe .vords,Blcffedbe the Lord which bath feat thee this day to meete me,andbleffed be thy sownfell, and bleffed be thouwhich haft kept me this day from contusing tofhedblood. Notgiace to wine ] In this preceptethe Apofile prohibiteth a vice,. which is as great a let vntominifleriall duties as anyother, namely , the drinking ofwine and lirongdrinkes:for vnder one kirk&all the finnes of that