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Cr AP.1.7. 14o How ferre a minifter may lawfullyyfe wine. a.Tim.s.21. Comtnentarie vponthe that kind are forbidden. Wherein all vfe of wine is not inhibited ( the Minitier,it beeing a good creature of God, and pure veto the pure: and in weakenes ofthe body, or griefe and heaumes ofheart , permitted to his cheating and refreshing: Prou.31.6. Gitteswine veto them that haue griefeofheart, and let him drinke that he mayforget his hiiferie.' AndTime thy himfelfe may and muff elrinke a little wineforhis healthyfake: yea, and betides this cafe ofneceflìtie, it is not vnlawfilll for a Minitier fometimes to take his more free libertie herein, for his hone(l delight and pleafure: as in Chti(lian and religious feauling, at marriages, or'other meetings of friends : feeing Chri(i himfelfe at a marriage feall, not onelynot prohi- bited vfe ofwine; but byhis fir(l miracleofturning water into wine,fur- nifhed the fame with great plenty and abundance. But here thefe rules I muff be obferued: I. this free and delightful! vfe, mull not be ordinary 2 and cullomable: a. the heart mull alwaies bewatched,that it be not op- 3 prefhed, nor made heauy to godly duties, Luk.z 1.34. 3. Iofcphsaf li- &ion mull not be forgotten, Amos 6.6. The thing thereforecondemned in the precept is, when a minifler is giuen to the wine, a quaffer, or a wile-bibber; one that fits at it with pleafure, fwilling in wine or firong drinke, and fuch a companion as the Prophet fpcsketh of,who continueth at the wine or beere till it inflame him. Avice which in commonmen bath many woes denounced againfl it in the Scriptures, hut moll hateful( in a Minifler, as it is alto tile greatell let to the faithfull performance of minifleriall duties : both which the Lord himfelfe hath prooued true, in that one (!range judgment inflicted vpon Nadab and Abibu: vpon occafionofwhich, the Lord maketha ge- nerall lawe, that feeing they (as Tome thinke) in their drunkennes , had offered flranñe fire,and were burnt with fire:whofoeuertherfore fhould come to rnini(ler before the Lord,(hould vpon pain ofdeath carefully a- uoid all lets and hinderances,whereby they might be vnfitted vnto their duticand fetuice:all which by Synechdocheare comprehended veder that onekind ofwineand firong drinke ; as thofe which moil di(lurbe the minds and fenfes amen from their duties. Andwhere our Apo(ile afl'ir- meth that Gods Reward may not be giuen towine, nor affraker, what els loth he then fecond that of our Sauiour in theparable, teaching that of all men the Reward may notftwith drsukardr, nor fmite hitfellowfir- uants. Realns. t. To be addihlcd to the wine or flrongdrinks, taketh away the hcart,Hof.4.1 I.that is,troubleth thevnderflanding,confoundeth the fenles, and equalleth a man to the0bruit beafl without vnderfianding: & thus difableth the man ofGod in all the pra6life ofhis calling. As the wifeman therefore faith, Prou.31.4. It is not Kings todrink¿ewine,nor Ioha Ifa.s.tr. Lcu.to.8. The Minifler may not be one that firreth at the wine. Luk.r s.; s. OM' 40 yf ïOVC nµùa xb,y,nµe ;Can t.11yloll. Trig-