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Cxar.I.7. cí9Commentarie upon the 14z the Minifler being himfeltc mocked with wine,he glues his hand of fel- reu,nh;mtetfe lowfhip to mockers ofGod, ofall good things , and all goodmen. Be- commanded the fides,w'ith what face or fruit can he diffwade tìó idolarry,who is tainted heathen prieas with the vile(+ kindofir, hauingmade his belly his God, more diligent - at leaf} to coü. tetfeitthe lines ly feruing it then God himfelfe? How can he perfwade to'the lober and ofth aian temperate vfeof Gods creaturs,who himfelfe continually abufeth them miniaers, ers,that y the Chrifìians to furi'eting,& intemperance?how can he call others co the mortifying thould",,ttaf oflufis to breake through the rule and tyrannie of finne ; to the folk- in the teeth of the Gentiles ring ofthe motions ofthe fpirit, to the adorning oftheir profefion by the ickedtr !, walking as the children of light, who himfelfe flrengtheneth his lulls teaehere:and ; which fight again(+ his foule: who bath made himfelfe fuch a flute to his ilyorbd drinks, as he cannot well fit but betweene the wall and the cup, or not them to o into without the cup at his slbowe:whobeeing drankewirhwine, cannot be tavcrnes:rrip, ul lledwith the Brit: and who deli nteth in filch workes not ofthe da hiat.ó.a=s. Î . f g y, Eph.5,:8. but of the darknes ofthe night : yea walloweth in filch lulls as the very heathen walked in, 1.Pet.4. . yea loins of them were afhanied of. This finne then beeing euery way fovile in this fubiea,it appeareth how inft- ly it is forbidden by_our Apofile. Alamentable Vfe.This fearful! finne is exceedinglycrept into the Miniflery,which thing Suet is that iitfs no doubt is a great caule why it aboundeth foamong the people.For al -. in the niniac ! though Timothiesand Tituffes ought to praélife exemplary temperance t.T'ims.ag, ¡ and fobriety fo farre as their health will (lifter : yet many herepaffe all bounds, and goe beyond not onely their credit and ability ; but euen that which their health and life panwell endure : towhom that precept werevain cdrink no more water,butalittle wineforyourhealth! fake; but rather drink nomore wine for thy lites fake;fo immeafitrablyare a nuni- Cerpor,græ ber addibted hereunto,that they make their bodies like runlets or wine fuerant,dolia caskes,and come too to neere M.Bez,aes emblemeofa Dutchman. faltatubi. ¡ Obiell, But what may not a man bemerry, and what was wine ordai- ned elfevnto,and ifany other man,why not a Miniller? e/lnf. Ifa manwere ready topenh, andhad greifeofheart , fuch a quellionwere feafonable : then Salomon himfelfewould call for wine: or in Tome other foletnnities more libertymay betaken ; buta painfull Miniflerbath other more ferious imploiments, then to feed vp his heart in meriments:and what a lober andgraue carriagebefitteth him,we (iaal after fee, z. The Hebrew phrafe as lefning the finne fo fpeaketh of plainedrunkennes,which indeed is not the truemirth of the heart , but ! an opprefíing , and Beading of it vnto dutie. Thus was Ammons heart satn 3. made merrie with wine: and Nabals heart mat merrie withinhim. But thcfe s mcrriments had a wofull end: the former was flaine inilantly,and the o- ther by the Lord tendaies after. ObieEi,