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EptßleofS. Paa1to Titmo. C11nP.1.7. Princet'rang drinke,leaf ` he drinke andforget the decree , and change the lodgementofthe childrenofaffliEtion : fomuch letfe is it for the Minifler and Pallor let ouer Gods people,leat4he forget Gods decrees,&change his iudgments,as Aarons fonnes did. And hence is it that the Lord de- liuereth adouble reafon ofthanformer lawe,both to the fame purpofe. 1. From the end:Aarons fonnes might not drinke wineor thong drink, that theymight be able topatdifference between theholy andvnboy;cican andvncleane:and fo rightly difcerneofthe feuerallsof their charge. a. thatthey might teach the children of Ifrael all the ftatates of the Lord: herein implying that ifthey did not carefully ab(aine fromwine, they couldnot but be interrupted inboth chefe. To the famepurpofemay we obferue how aptly the Apolile ioyneththefe two precepts together,t'n- derftand what the will ofthe Lord is: and,benot drunke withwine : for corn- monly fuch asgiue themfelues ouer to this lull , are by the Lord, giuen vp to focti(hnes,that what gifts they haue had are withered and taken from them:ofwhich,examples are too frequent. Secondly,this fitting at winecalleth him from the duties and meanes ofhis finies unto his calling;he cannot attend to reading, exhortation, do- arinc.which is ftraitly enioyned eueryTimothie,1.4.13. Thirdly,fuch a man is fo faire fromperformance ofany faithful' duty, that cannot but become rather an enemy to thole that doe. For the manner is, that when the feruants ofGod call men to fackecloth , afhes, mourning:thefe inulte to thepots &bankets,ftil ftrengchning the hands of finners: when God by his Prophets calleth toweeping,mourning,bald_ nes,fackecloth: thefe call toioy,gladneffe, flayingoxen, killing fheepe,eating flefh,drinking wine, eating anddrinking and plying, tomorrowe we'hall die. SuchPrie(ls we read of a.when the Lord calleth all thebeads ofthe field to deuoure and fpoile, what fay chele fellowes? Come,we will bring drinke,andfall our [clues withftrongdrinke , and to morrow: fhalae at this day: Thus the loueofwinemakes them fail:in vifion :and the fitting at wine lulheth them a(leepe,euen on the top ofthe maft,(as Salomon fpeaketh of the drunkard) that in times and places ofmolt prefent and defperate dangers,they fee none,nor feare any. 4. It difableth all the duties that fuch a one in his moll fobriery can performe: (fuppofe them neuer fo commendable) feeing,he hash made himfeife and calling fo contemptible : for what authoritie can an oracle haue , out of a drunken mansmouth, which is fo accoftomed tofpeake lewd things?andonewho 'lath (haken hands with themofi bale and wic_ kedcompanions in a countrie: which is an other infeparable companion ofthisfinnealof.7.5. In theday ofthe King, the Princes made himficke withwine : and what followed ? heeffretchedsithis handtofcorncrs : fo 141 HpF,.s.17. y 3 1S.22.,3.t3. fee ifaas.l. P10.33.34. 4 Prou.33.3i. the