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Cr3nr.I7 c.4Commentarievfronthe 744 eth modefty,and chafiitie, and make theeyes ro looks lrangewomex: Prou. :;.33. Lots daughters were lure that vnnaturall lull would follow their fa- 4 there drunkennes, 4.It wafieth the goods, iniureth the ramify, and makech himworfe then an Infidel' : it defrauder'. the Church , robbeth the poore of their alines : wrongeth the commonwealth, making him- Cellevnfit for office and feruice in it: yeaboth himfelfe and his a burden proua3.32.33. to others, and clotheth himfelfe with ragges. Thefe planesof God ac- companying this finne, cannot but hinder any found judgement from deeming it fmall: fo as I (hall not neede to adde thofemany bodily plagues wherby the Lord in all ageshath rectified his difpleafure againfl it inmiferablecafualties,and fuddaine death,fomefalling into the fire, and burning themfelues;fome into thewater, &drowning thenifelues: Tome vpon (tones and breaking their legges,armes, or necks: lotuskit- As Alexander ling one another:by caulks wounds del eraseflabbes:and ever drun- kard cl;aus killing himfelfe by infenfible wounds:and true it is,that winekills more then the (word. As for the plagues wherewith the Lord purfueth this finneafter this life,they arevnutterable, onely let the firmer ofthis fuit know,that it banifhcth him from the fuite of the Saints , and exclu- deth him out ofheauen: r.Cor.6.ro. LetMinitiersand people therefore confiderwell ,what a number of fins and plagues that man thrufleth himfelfe into, that is Olen to wine and thong drinke, and fitteth downe with drunkards :andyet how hath this finne as a deluge ouerflownethe land? yea and that height of it feeHab.r., 5,, 6. feeketh not corners whereby one man fporteth himfelfe inmaking an- other drunke : oh woe veto that man that maketh himfelfe merry in an- other mans lione ,which fhould be as a daggerat his heart : and woe worth that deuillith reioycing, which tritimpheth in putting out Gods image, andbringeth a man to the condition ofa bruite beaft: whereas our reioycing fhould be in remoouing blocks from before the hlind,ra. ther then in laying them. Alas, that there fhould be the fruits of the Go- fpell : will not fuch things force our God to remooue the hedgeof his tras. vineyard,and breake downe thewall?nay is not thehedge troden down already:teeingfuch & fovile finsvnheard ofamong the heathen, like fo many wilde beafls, depopulate and waft this Garden of Eden , planted by the Lords owne fingers ? that vnlef'fe the Lord ofhofts resume and vifit this vine,and returns vs vntohim by repentance, we that haue bin enuied for our happines, (hall comeofall nations to be pitied:when the long patienceofour God(hall be expired , with a fuddaine ruine and a wofull downefall. And yet further , we who line in theGolsen of our Country, ifdarknes covered the face ofall the land , wefhould belight: the Inane is vpon vs, weare in the (lions : let vs walks as in the noone- day: