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EftifideofS.Pard to Titan. CHAP.I.,.l day : thofe that aredrunke, aredrunl(e in rhenight: let vs be a(hamed of fuch works ofdarkeneffe , that we maybe anîwerable vntoour light: fhould Gileadbeea citiepolluted withfucha bloody fnne? efpecialiy let the fchoole,and the formes of theProphers(as to whom it is more cfpecially dire&cd) meditate of this precept, that a &fhop muf not he giuess so mine. Noffriker,1 This fourth vice feemeth fitly tobe fet after the former, as becing an vfuall attendant of them. The right meaningof which that we may bet- ter conceiue, we mull know that we may not fo vndetfland the precept, as that at no time a minifter may lawfully ftrike another; for there be times,& ca(es,when it maybenot onely lawfuil,but neceffarie. Por a. it detraEteth nothing from his privateeconomical) right, whereby he may and ought moderately (as occafion is offered)exercife his power ofcor. resting his feruants, and children, a. It derogated: nothing from his commonright, in cafe he be fet vpon,and cannot call for the Magiftrats helpe;in which cafe bya iufl and common law, he is armedand warran- ted to become a Magittrate to himfelfe; and may not onely (trilse, but e- uen kill with the fword alto ; fo be hisheart be free from that delire, and his intendment benot to kill, but rather weaken the enemie, and to de- fend himfelfe, rather then hurt the other ; inwhich cafe Chrifl allowed theDilciples (whom he could haue miraculonfly preferued) the vie of fwords, Luk. 22.36. 38. except we will allegorically vnderliand rhofe places, as Beza doth : andPeter had a (word readie to draw and finite at Chrills apprehenfion. 3. SomeMinifiers maybe prefer( in a iuft and lawful( war, to teach Cóuldiers to fight the Lords battels after the Lords mind, topray for profperous fucceffe,rocomfort and animate the camp. Thus Mofes praied in the campe; and we readof eA'mbrafe in the campe of Theodofiass, andof Zuinglute whodied in the field: inwhich cafe it is not doubted but that a Minifier may ftrike and kill alto the enemies of God. The meaning then is, that a Minifler maynot be a man of a mar- tiall heart and fpirit; fuch a one as in his private matters , will (landout with euery man at the flaues end in contending ; or a man of a word & a blow, an hackfler, or cutter: but oneof apatient f iris, meeke, long- p P r+- fuffering , following peace withall men ; yea propounding himfelfe a patterneof peaceable difpofition to the flocke. p p T. Becaufe the weaponsofourwarrefareare not carnall, butfpiritu_ all. TheApoftle denieth not, but that the calling of a Minifier, is a fight and warrefare, 2.Tim.2.3. but they fight not again( flefh and blood, but fpirittsall mick,edneffes: and the weapons are futable to the warre, and to the enemies; not fuch as wound the hells, but which fubdue Sa- 145 tioc6 $s7 In what cafes a miniiiermay lawful= nuke, y A minif er may not be atwath buckler,ora man of; word and aboow. Rese 's. >i a,cor.ro..s. .p-'`'r2 K 1 tan