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To the Reader. me then others,whofe labours merit better refpell thentheymeetfrithyet I ten firer,that t .painfullMiniferr complainenot *filmy furfet ofoundComntenta_ riesofthe Scriptures , efpecsalyoffame bookes (whereafthis is one )but rather haue caufe towith morehelpes ofthis kind then they haue,asmy felfedidwhen Ifrff attempted this Epíffle. z.be it granted that the learned haue manygood helpsyet ordinary Chr/fanscomplain: of want offauourie commentaries in our owne tongue,who are in theirgodly defires to be refpetted, 3. he that o6fer- ueth how thicke `Popifh booker arefeat inamongvs,andwhat armies of pe- p Prieffs and lefuitesarewithout interm/on dtfiniffed to the [educingofour limplepeoplefrom their layaltie to God and their foueraigne: cannot with any confcienceprofecute any lochallegation. 4. betides the inffance of many godly frtends,my owneprefent condition helpedforward this labour: for hoeinghin- dred inmy courfeofminifferie,hewcould Ibetterfpend myfilent time, then by calling fuck amiteas this into thepub/ike treafurieofthe Church. Afar other ftnifler orfelfe-refpellr in writing,Godandmineowne confcience fhall free me, in the re once ofboth which ! ro e ewith Clemens Alexandrinus,that not o- ,tihí gnidem p f f p f huiusoperíc ffentationor thevatnewinde ofmenfat meforewarti,but chetfy thedefre ofdo. Commenrarij ingfomeduty whereby Imightfurthermine owne reckoning in the day of ac- tionem fcíríbun. count, andhelp:forceothersal foforward in thefamework!. wherein ifImay me cdaad nenn know: my labourfruitfullandacceptable toGodschildren,t(hall not be difcou_ fenedx u ad raged togoeon informeother endeavours as theLordfoal! affoardmee ffrengtb ombeldum isre. and life. mihi adurnbra. Andnow ChriflianReader before Idifmiffe thee, Iwouldcommend into thy tteeu n n , prallifi thefefew rulesin the readingofthis and all other Eccleftafftcall expo- norumq;verbo. f t tort, run qnz aurfire mares a fan&is t . Obferuediligently the difference between: the Scriptures which are the 'viris srbeans. primarietruth reueated., anetether menswritings which are butfecondary.The Seb.Lt c o:a ' Scriptures are to be readand recetuedasfach which cannot erre ,or fpeeike any vedcas =art: thing contrarie to the truth,or to théfelues,thoughWe vnderfland itnot:but all other menswritings,readings,fermons,expoftionr,anddcterminations(fuppofe ofwhole Churches and ('ounce ) muff only be received fofarre as they agree with theScriptures,whieb are the rule to which all other diuine writiner muff be laid,and the touchfloneby which they mull be tried. z. keadgody expofitionr,nat tobe turnedfrom the reading of the Scrip- tures ,.orfrompreaching, but tovnderflandbetter both what thou readefl in Gods booke,and hearefffromGod; mouth. . Teeingperfevaded that no manby his owneguicknes or apprehenftoncan finds eat the true fenfeand vfeoftheScriptures ; bring praier with thee , that Godwouldbepleafedto open thineeyes to fee thewonderful things of the law:. If any man want wifedome hemuff aske it ofGod: Thefoote ofDa- aidsfangwas Teach me thy flatu:es: Thus(halt thoube taught of God, and _. 3 not I .