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Ioh.9 aq. To theReader. not onely by theminifterie ofmpn. 4. Seeing thefeare ofGod is thebeginning ofwifedome and hie fecret is with them thatfearehim;bring a teachable,& anhumble heart ,turnedto God, lowing his ttruth,deferousand induflrious to obey that part o fhis willalready re- Healedvnto thee:for be reacheth the humble in his way :and,if any man wil doe his wii,he (hall knowe whether thedoarine be fromGod or no. 5. In thy reading let not thine endbe to feeke out And finde out curiofities andfubtilties;but tofinde andmetre with Chrii: defroue toknownothing but Chreand him crucified, which is the(cope ofall the Scriptures, as alfoof the gift ofinterpretation ofthem. 6. Read not byhaloes ,butgot through the author thou hall made choife of once and againe: nor idley,butwith attention,aspainfullydiggingfor the trea- fare: nor carelefly,but with diligence trying thefemettais, vnleffèthou wouldfl takecopper wallet ouerforgold. Lufiy, bring all thy reading intovfe andpra£life, meditate of it often by thy ( elfe ,andcheerefulycommunicate itto others:forby vjîng andlaying out thy talent thouencreafet it:and know that not theywhich reade ,hare , orfpeake mucharebleffed,butthofewhich*doe it.Thus comefurnifbedto the reading of this or anyother godybooke, andIafore theethou(halt not loofe thy labour, batfbalrfe redeeme thy time,as that thoulhaltbeable togive .a good andcom- fortableaccount of it in the day of thy reckoning. If thou ',metewith any doubtful!things,helpmewith thybeffconfiruition: Ifwith any efcapes, help me with thybeflcounfell:I fwith any helpe hereby inthy holy aourfe, praife God, and helpemewith tbyprayers. Thevnworthie tenant ofGodandof thy faith, THOMAS TAYLOR.