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Epifrle o: S. Paulto Titus. CHAP.I.7 mon people of theewes; what a greiuous plague hangeth over the head of that Mini(ler, whofe calling laieth a further neceffine vpon him, not tobuild a material houl madewith hands;but a fpirituall habitation for theLord, confdling ofliningClones in thehearts ofmen:and yet all this worke is negleaed,r.hat his owne neafl may bewell feathered.And from the fame fountaine flowed) it, that fotne ateknowne vfurers, others are (armours, and husbandmen,rather then Prophets;others merchants,buy- ers and fellersof Chutches, people, and infcriour commodities; others in marketting, andyet its farce baler affaires (pendtheir time, and wall themfelues : which pitifull fruits of this filthy lull, are fo rife and fo ripe, that ifold father Latimer liued in there daics, he would boldly a- uouch, that ifcouetoufneffewere loft, wemight find it in the Clergie: fome Iudasor other would bane the bagge. Now there is no greathope of the recouerie of chofe whoare alreadie clafped in the windings of this finne; they arc defperately endangered to be drowned inperdition,fo fweete is the morfel,and fo pleafant is the bootie , that they will net let it goe. To them therefore I will fay no more, but asPeter toSimon Magus ; Pray to the Lord, that ifitbepofble, the iniquitieof thy heart may be forgiuen thee. I will rather turnemy (peach to curry young Timothy and Titus, be:`eeching and exhorting them all, timely topreuent this finne; and to frame their hearts to that exhortation of Paul, I. Titn.6.I I. But tbou,Oman ofGod , that is, who hail place, or art tohaue office in theChurch by ordinariecalling, as the Prophets and men ofGod ofoldhad by extraordinarie ; Thou, whoaf- ter a fpeciall manner, art to beGods peculiar, not as all men by creati- on, nor as all godly men in refpeaof cle6lion and fanétlfication ; but befides their by reafon of thy funélion art,or arc to be in fpeciall feruice about God ,flip theft things: that is, preferue thy felfe from theft noy- (ome lulls, the breeders of moll filthy and deteflable cogitations and pra¿lifes. And if anyTilnothie fhould aske, But howmay I flie the le ? Paul gi- tiet) direelion in the fame place. If thou wouldetl auoid filch noyfotnc guefis as chele are, then t. followe righteoufnefe, deale Willy, glue tuerie man his owne, as couetoufnes reacheth to it felfe the thingsof another. 2. pietie: couetoufnes is idolatrie ; pra6 ife thou picric, which is great gaine, and giucth good contentment. 3. faith: a ground of couetouf- nes is vnbeleefe , but faith is a maine fruite of picnic : followe faith, and thou (halt not diftrull Gods prouidence,nor cary thy felfeas one tail off, and left to (hilt for thy Celle; but (halt looke vp to thy father, and Waite vpon that hand which feedeth the verie fparrowes, yea the ravens ve hen they call veto ir. 4. loue tomen, a fruite of faith: Celle-loue occauioneth K 4 couc- a51 Epifcopus aun Prasbyter zut »iaeonus ne q ,aquam lato larescuras aG Cumar, fin aliter dcijciatur.Ca- non.Apoll.7. Aa.S.aa. Aporfoliealldi. re&ions for the unoidingof Cc, noifomc a fin. t 2 3 4