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C.HAPï.%. 150 nCor.a.q, s.The{L;.H. 3 Many Mini Cers aime acno o other code. tiaga.q. ACommextarie vpon the wages. Hence isthis finne branded iu(lly tobethe feedeof herctikes, and i`,awr..eoffchifmatikes,falfe teachers,andapoflates.What other was the white which the authors of fchifine, and heads of faólion aymed at? Rorn.i 6.17. they ferssed not the Lordlefas , 6ut their ovne bellies. And no other God ferued the falfe Apoflies, who were enemies to the crolfe of Chrifi, but theirbelly was their God ; why fo ? becaufe they mindedearth- ly things ; for what any man molt mindeth, that he maketh his God. Hence could they pleafe all fortsofmen,$( loon turne round into fquare. In their do6trine,ioyne circumcifion with baptifine,and fo both few and Gentile were contented. In their hues, they would Puffer nothing for Chrill:but howfoeuer the fquares go,their date and pompe mull be vp_ held. And at this day, what other is theGod ofPopi(hPriefls ? who for their beiliehaue turned all religion into gaine ; and almoll all e(fentiall truths into lies;both which are ready to beprooued inparticular:wher- as the true Apofiles were moll careful to remoouefrom themfelues euen the fufpition of this fearefull finne:who profeffed that both the Churches knew, and Godbare them record, that they were farre from vfiugflarte- ringwords,ot colouredcoueroufneffe in their doc`lrine:and for their pra6tife, when they might haue been chargeable to the Churches, theyrather wrought with their hands, that they might be eared. 3. If a Minitier fhould fpeake the truth, yet in this tainture,how powerlefly, how fruiticfly ? for is he a fit man to raife others to heauen, whole owne heart is rooted in the earth ? how coldly fhall he perfwade others that godline(fe is great gaine, whole gaine is all his godlineffe? with what heart can he pull other menout of the world, and the loueof it, when it hath wonne the (rongefl and moll inward holdof his owne heart?with what experience can he teach that the eruct}delight is placed in heavenly things,or that Gods kingdom is firll to be fought,when his thoughtsare taken vp (as the dilcipleswere once) in dreamingofa tem- poral! kingdome? with what facecan he teach thedottrine ofGods pro- uidence, when hitnfeife carkes and laieth about him,as though he had no father to prouide for him ? how can hecurbe in others there vnnaturall defrres, which (as the dropfie) proceed moll of fulneffe andabundance, when as they are fo fetled inhimfelfe ? Thus this one lull vnfitteth him toall hisduties. Vfe. This confutethmanybale minded men in the mini(lerie, whole thoughts, Rudy, paines, and labour, are altogether bendedand Pet vpon this conclufion,That they will bè rich:towhich purpofe they heapvp li- uingvpon lining , call their largefi extent, andcontriue the building of their owne houfes,although in therneane time thehoule oftheLord lie wall. Which grieuous finne, ifit were fo fearefully accurfed in the cons- mon