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EpíffleofS. Pam l toTitus. CHAP.I.7. that profit to the buyer they ought ; or that quantitie, becaufe ofvniuft 153 weights ormcafure : butmoft of this is confeffed filthie lucre. Out of bargaine ; z. That gainewhich any man taketh for fome duty which he z negle6leth,or ornitteth:the finne ofNon-refidents, idle or idol and in. fufficieut Minifters. a. That gainewhich is taken by vnderhand cor- a ruption; as bribes, whichblinde the eyes ofthe wife, to the flaying or peruerting the courfe of iufiice. 3. That which accreweth by vnwar- 3 rantable,or vniufl policie; as for a man to breake, andbecome banque- rupt to enrich.himfelfe : anvfuall courfe , but difhoneti inough, yea an horrible thefc,in many deferuing no lefl'epunifhment,then our lawes in- flïó vpon theft. 2. Rule. All that gaine that is gottenby gaming formony, as by car- II ding,dicing,bowling,whereinmen feeke tobenefit themfelues by other mens loffe, is afilthy lucre. For euery penny muff be accounted for, and ifit be not patrimony or gifr,ought tobe gotten in the fweate, and la- bour ofa lawful] calling. Andconfequently all fuchgaine as comes in by partaking andabetting in thefe 6nnes ; as tomake gaineby conuer- ting their houlesinto gaming houles, Rage-play houfes,or tipling hou- fes,all which are the receptacles and rootles of filthy and vicious per- fons;and the gaine thereofcannot be but filthy: the Taft of which three, although there hauebeen andmight be a neceffarie vfe of, yet fuch is the commondiforderofthem generally ,that inRead of alehoufes we may call them hell -houfes: for a Chriflian man need no other hell , then tobe Ale.houtes, next neighboursveto them: but if therebe any better ordered,I fpeake not againfi them. 3. Rule. All that gaine that goethhand in hand with the violence of III any ofGods lawes, isfilthygaiue. As that which is gotten by needeles oarhs,true or falfe; againfi the third commandement : or by ridingout on the Sabbath day, or flaying at home by employment in the ordinary calling,out ofvery extraordinaryneceiìry, agáinft the fourth : or the price of an harlot againfi the feauenrh: or byhealth andvailes,whereby men vnconfcionably thape out their owne commoditie out of another mans cloth: or by any manner of oppreflion, and grinding the faces ofthe poore, as by monopolies , enhanfing, ingrofíîng, and regrating corneor other commodities, againfi theeight: or by lying, and diffem- bling,which is as ordinary with many as their trading is, againfi the ninth.Al thefe,with diuerfe otherkinds,almofi againfi euerycbmande- ment,are filthy lucre. Ofall which theApofile fpeaketh, z. Thefí.4. S. Let noman oppreffe ordefraud his brother inany thing: and addeth two rea- fons; z. becaufe the Lord >s the suengerofall fuch things : a. becaufe we are not called to vncleannes,but veto 'holine(fe:implying that thefe are praééifes, fuburbcs of hel.